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Fashion Brands Lacking Diversity

I have recently been paying more attention to the lack of racial diversity in fashion advertisements and campaigns. It is especially easy to ignore this issue when more and more ads are being seen on quick platforms like Instagram in which people quickly scroll through their feeds without taking the time to look at the photos being shown. 235 more words

Weekly Style 17

Hey hey hey!

It’s been so long since my last post because this semester has been absolutely crazy!  To get back into the swing of things I figured I would do a weekly style featuring the new Sarah Patrick line from KJP! 281 more words

Karnataka Pre-poll: Shivamogga analysis

Even with KJP being an episode of the past, the ‘re-united’ BJP register may want to make a comeback with a stellar performance across the Shivamogga constituency. 56 more words

Weekly Style 13

It’s still winter but I’m dreaming of spring!

Today’s feature is Draper James, Reese Witherspoon’s clothing line!

I have personally never bought anything from Draper James because unfortunately I am on a college girl budget but all of these pieces are adorable!   344 more words


KJP Jewelry

So I have been obsessed with KJP jewelry for a long time. I first fell in love with this company when I purchased the Original Leather Anchor Bracelet… 223 more words

What To Wear

Saat Janji Plus-Plus Berbuah Minus, Siapa Yang Paling Dirugikan?

Baru sedikit lebih dari satu bulan dilantik, kebijakan dari gaberner dan wagaberner Jakarta yang baru ternyata sudah mulai meresahkan public.

Sebut saja permintaan APBD jumlah fantastis yang lebih dari sepuluh kali lipat APBD sebelumnya, alokasi dana berlebihan (620 jeti) hanya untuk membetulkan akuarium DPRD, sampai dengan kebijakan penghapusan subsidi daging dan kemudahan akses tunai bagi penerima KJP (yang bakal jadi KJP Plus). 318 more words


On what it is to heal

Standing over the
hot pan stirring

the Parmesan into
the red sauce. Entirely
too much garlic.

The cat flicks
his giant white
tail beside me. … 54 more words