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by: Nitz E. Nicolas

“We believe we cannot do everything without partners.”

These were the words expressed by Mr. Joey Ochave, EVP-Development Group, during the appreciation lunch for partners of UNILAB, a leading pharmaceutical company in Asia.  295 more words

Hope Among the Tombs 

Welcome to the world of Manila’s poorest citizens: Manila North Cemetery. Actually, even that’s being generous, since the government doesn’t recognize them as citizens. Since many can’t afford to be born in a hospital, they have no birth certificate, and therefore no identity. 811 more words

Soles for Souls

Last year Rex Dayao was the program director for KKFI and led us through the majority of our stay here in Manila. When we arrived this year, we learned he recently started a new job, shifting from non-profit to the business world. 569 more words

The City that Never Sleeps

Manila. The city that never sleeps. As we drove in from the airport after midnight there was still much activity for a Friday night. Traffic looked like Buckhead rush hour, young children walked the streets alone, and plenty of establishments were still open well into the night. 326 more words

Back to Manila

Hard to believe it’s been a year since my last update. A lot has happened this year, which is why I spent more time living it than writing about it, but as I’m arriving back in the Philippines at this moment, it’s clear the story must continue. 397 more words


by Glenda B. Gutierrez


At the age of 15, Rachelle Cruz had to stop her formal education because “I got pregnant and got married.” Rachelle, still a teenager at 19, is very candid about. 338 more words


by Glenda B. Gutierrez

Jay Legarda of Malabon City was forced to stop studying because he had to work and help the financially strapped family. It was a decision that he had to make with a heavy heart. 389 more words