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Disavowing the KKK...

Disavowing the KKK is like apologising for smoking–pointless & annoying.

COMMENTARY: It's about right and wrong, not statues

U.S. President Donald Trump is using the removal of historic statues and memorials in public squares, to distract from his “both sides are to blame,” justification of the recent deadly violence in… 183 more words

Donald Trump

Black Cop doing his job, protecting KKK scum, speaks out

The officer stands calmly as a group of white supremacists act out behind him. One man’s outstretched right arm signals a Nazi salute. Another wears a red hood.

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Violent to the core.

A fanatic extremist is just someone who has taken his religion a bit too seriously and follows his doctrine word by word.So apparently ISIS, KKK, and RSS are the doing nothing but following their religion a bit better than the ones who remain a pacifist. 105 more words

How to explain White Supremacy to a White Supremacist

I am still trying to cope with the event in Charlotteville. I have been quiet on my blog; haven’t said much, haven’t read much. I try to understand what happened and the more I try the more I feel lost.  616 more words

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