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Glee is over...forever

Way back in time, when Glee was in its first season, I didn’t gave it a look, I knew what it was about, because my sister watched it, but I was currently obsessing with other fandoms (I don’t remember wich ones  but maybe some anime and still full potterhead). 404 more words


Klaine Bears...

Awh. Look at the cuteness I just found in a Kinder Surprise Egg.

It’s a little brown bear and a little polar bear and they’re in love. 96 more words


Weekend With The Andersons...

Hey so this is the first post! I have a really great list of Klaine Fics! So here’s the first one!

Weekend With The Andersons… 149 more words


3/22/15 Daydream Believer, Glee cover


I was coming back from Austin at the end of spring break. I spent half the week with my sister and her friends. We went to a gay bar/nightclub (aren’t they basically the same thing?) and got danced on by one of the queeeens, ate some fantastic food, attended some SXSW concerts, and shopped at Urban Outfitters- skirt and red shirt were my most recent pickups- and other cool stores. 153 more words

The End of Glee.

Yes I know I am one of the only people that has stayed with Glee till the end. 

By very definition Glee is about opening yourself up to joy.

131 more words