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Don't Stop Believin': How Tumblr fame and Glee changed my life

On March 15, 2011, the second-season episode of Glee called “Original Song” aired on television. Apart from the usual singing and melodrama that came with the show, “Original Song” featured the moment where Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) and Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) … 738 more words


Glee is over...forever

Way back in time, when Glee was in its first season, I didn’t gave it a look, I knew what it was about, because my sister watched it, but I was currently obsessing with other fandoms (I don’t remember wich ones  but maybe some anime and still full potterhead). 404 more words


Klaine Bears...

Awh. Look at the cuteness I just found in a Kinder Surprise Egg.

It’s a little brown bear and a little polar bear and they’re in love. 96 more words


Weekend With The Andersons...

Hey so this is the first post! I have a really great list of Klaine Fics! So here’s the first one!

Weekend With The Andersons… 149 more words


3/22/15 Daydream Believer, Glee cover


I was coming back from Austin at the end of spring break. I spent half the week with my sister and her friends. We went to a gay bar/nightclub (aren’t they basically the same thing?) and got danced on by one of the queeeens, ate some fantastic food, attended some SXSW concerts, and shopped at Urban Outfitters- skirt and red shirt were my most recent pickups- and other cool stores. 153 more words