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Crater Lake

Mount Mazama was a giant volcano located in the Cascades. Around 7700 years ago the volcano erupted so violently that the top mile of the mountain exploded and the remaining cone collapsed. 611 more words


Tom Golbov, 1932-2015

From time to time, I’d see him standing out on his back porch smoking a cigarette. We would wave to each other, but hardly did we ever speak other than to say a polite ‘hello’ to each other. 410 more words


Conifer Country: Book Review

Today I offer my first book review; Conifer Country; A natural history and hiking guide to 35 conifers of the Klamath Mountain region, by Micheal Kauffmann. 386 more words

Humboldt County

We Were Animals Then

It’s time to put this one out there…

We came from the mountains, the coast, the plains.
Mostly young men reveling in the strength and confidence of youth, 547 more words


Walter Woodstock, 1935 – 2015

The hot sting of tears welling up in my eyes was immediate when I read the headline, “Obituary: Walter Charles Woodstock.” I also felt my heart begin to hurt when I realized what it meant. 822 more words


Trees of Mystery's Paul Bunyan Suffers Broken Arm

‘Babe the Blue Ox’ lost his head in November 2007 because of structural weakness, and now Paul Bunyan has lost the use of his right arm. 99 more words


new test tiles

5 new kinds of clay in the studio

Sea Mix – white

Awaji – porcelain, white

Alpine White

Klamath Brown

Klamath Red

test tiles are old clay with Awaji slip on half and KBrown slip on the other. 34 more words