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Journey to Redwood National Park : Day 2

Day 2 : Tall Trees Grove

Our second day trip starts in Klamath, where we stayed the night before in the brand-new Holiday Inn Express Hotel – so recently built that it doesn’t exist on Google View yet ! 818 more words

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Playing Army

It was hard not to hear the boys as they walked up the street. They were talking about what to do for the afternoon since school had let out early for the day. 294 more words


Climate Anxiety Counseling: 5/7/15

Weather: Hot, sunny, occasional breezes turning into sharp gusts later.

Number of people: 9 stoppers, 5 walkbys, plus one person who thought I was selling hot dogs–we took an unusual amount of time to figure out what each other wanted. 1,690 more words

Climate Anxiety Counseling

Booger Nose Flat

It’s what remained of an old water storage tank that sat back in the woods some three to four hundred feet up the hill above Sander’s Court in Klamath. 180 more words


W is for white water

White water. Must be something, there’s a wikipedia entry all about it.

At the most general level, white water is nothing more than water going from high to low, hitting obstacles, flowing over and around other obstacles, and maybe suffering some constraint, courtesy of a narrow canyon or impinging riverbed. 172 more words