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Low Calories and Caffeine… But High in Antioxidant Health

Chocolate – No more than a Junk food; it’s healthy food!

Moreover, Coco pure Tea has Resveratrol, which have been proven to be useful in improving cardio vascular health. 309 more words

Large Pot Grows On Tribal Lands Raided Over Past 2 Weeks

KLAMATH, Calif. (AP) – Officials have destroyed about 55,000 growing marijuana plants on or near Yurok tribal lands in the last two weeks and the eradication efforts will continue next summer. 92 more words



Come with me on an adventure
To somewhere you’ve never been.
We’ll sleep in the sand beds
And wait for life to begin.
I’ve wanted you here, 39 more words


Klamath Termination: Water, Timber and Sovereign Rights

The reasons for the elimination of federal management of Indians were many. A primary reason was the tribal reservations contained the last undeveloped western lands, which had some of the last untouched natural resources in the United States. 1,836 more words

Welcome to My Revolution

Klamath isn’t a place where many people came to live. Instead they came as tourists or with the military, but they mostly left. We came to Klamath with the Air Force and stayed. 664 more words

Alternate Histories: 5/7, 6/5


I live in the forest in southern Oregon and each year, we get less rain than the year before. Two summers ago, it was raining embers from the… 434 more words

Climate Anxiety Counseling

Observations of John Minto, Salem, Oregon 1874

The following is an annotation to accompany John Minto’s 1874 editorial in the Willamette Farmer newspaper. Minto, a notable settler in Salem participated in many aspects of early Oregon society;  in the formation of the government and in the blazing of various trail systems in the area. 2,657 more words