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Booger Nose Flat

It’s what remained of an old water storage tank that sat back in the woods some three to four hundred feet up the hill above Sander’s Court in Klamath. 180 more words


W is for white water

White water. Must be something, there’s a wikipedia entry all about it.

At the most general level, white water is nothing more than water going from high to low, hitting obstacles, flowing over and around other obstacles, and maybe suffering some constraint, courtesy of a narrow canyon or impinging riverbed. 172 more words

Rediscovering Andy McBeth

For me, it is an exceptional find. At the bottom of box filled with old pictures from Del Norte County, under the flap, I realized there were some pictures, paper-clipped together. 1,468 more words


Johnson, Evinrude and Mercury

As a kid in Klamath, California – many of my summer days were spent sneaking off to the river to go swimming, fishing and if I could find a boat unattended, I’d steal it and take a quick zip up and down the water way. 154 more words


North Coast

I left my heart in Klamanth
Surrounded by the trees…
My soul left me in Trinidad
Flitting gracefully on the ocean breeze…
My passion in Arcata, 260 more words

The Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion: A place of rugged and beautiful biodiversity.

Tucked into the borderlands of northern California and southern Oregon, the Klamath-Siskiyou Mountains are a place of raw, rugged beauty renowned for their biodiversity. The region is home to more species of conifer —32 of them—than any other temperate conifer forest in North America. 1,036 more words

Crater Lake

Mount Mazama was a giant volcano located in the Cascades. Around 7700 years ago the volcano erupted so violently that the top mile of the mountain exploded and the remaining cone collapsed. 611 more words