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The Land is Our Heart: Protect the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

The Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument spans more than 66,000 acres of forest lands in southern Oregon and Northern California. These are the traditional homelands of the Takelmans, Athapaskans, Shastans, and Klamath peoples. 844 more words

A Klamath woman, 1923.

People say wrinkles tell stories. Imagine her stories.

A Klamath woman, 1923.


Klamath Basin and Beyond

It has been a dreadfully wet spring in Oregon and Washington this year.  Gardening plans are on indefinite hold while the lawn grows knee high for lack of a dry day to mow.  1,127 more words

Photo Shoot

Where the Klamath Meets the Sea

My kids and I went on a mini vacation to Oregon.  I snapped some shots near the mouth of the Klamath River as we drove back home.

Pay It Forward Photography

Klamath River Reservation and White Privilege, 1856

Continuing with the ndnhistoryresearch series on the massacres of the Tribes on the northern California and Southern Oregon coast, I have found a few more documents that address the removal of the tribes to the Klamath River Reservation and their rights and conditions. 2,049 more words

Potential pipeline meets resistance

Story by | Emily Owen

Since the 1970s, a Canadian-based energy company called Veresen Incorporated has been working on a plan to build a pipeline to carry natural gas through Southern Oregon, just 200 miles north of Arcata. 587 more words

2 Prisoners Escape From Northern California Camp

KLAMATH, Del Norte County (AP) — State prison officials say they’re looking for two inmates who walked away from a minimum security facility in far Northern California. 119 more words