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Protesters dressed as Klan members clash with Trump campaign security outside presser

While Donald Trump was signing his loyalty pledge to the Republican Party this afternoon, aides of his were doing their best to clear the sidewalk outside of a small group of protesters, some dressed as Ku Klux Klan members. 355 more words

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Donald Trump's White Nationalist and KKK Supporters

Time for Sean Hannity to call out the “Usual Suspects”, Uncle Jesse Lee Peterson, or his newest darling Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee to deny they have seen any white hooded robe types and to provide race protection for bigoted whites. 500 more words

Stupid Republican Tricks

Pred zadnjim "Srečno pot!"

Po 5 letih vodenja klana v Žireh je prišel čas za odhod …

“Spomnim se, kako je na enem od SKVO srečanj Škofje Loke 1 Marko, ki je bil takrat načelnik Ljubljanske regije, vprašal, če bi šel kdo malo pomagat v Žiri. 480 more words


A Man Went To A Klan Rally Wearing...Wait For It...FUBU Shoes! LOL!

I’m not sure if there’s a list of things to do/not do before heading to a klan rally, but wearing FUBU gear should probably be on the list of things not to do! 50 more words



Racism is alive and well in America, by design. For people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and organizations like the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) 1,095 more words

On Sandra

My mom swears I started speaking intelligibly at nine months. I tend to believe her because as far back as I can remember, I have always been able to find words to express myself. 1,124 more words

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Why, why, why?


Sad and unnerving to see neighbors flying Confederate flags today, probably in protest of So.Carolina decision. Our first amendment protects individuals’ rights to display it, this was a state government’s decision not to fly it on that government’s property. 260 more words