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David Duke and the Klan and the NAAWP are deplorable

It’s not that hard to just say it. While Mike Pence feels that it crosses some line of civility to say that people who work for the destruction of black and Jewish Americans through terror and legal oppression are deplorable, we know that it doesn’t. 662 more words


Tim Kaine Is Opposed To Chumming With The KKK,  Like Hillary Did

Tim Kaine may be the most clueless person ever to grace the national political stage. In defending Hillary’s ridiculous “basket of deplorables” gaffe he blindly ignored her deeply racist past. 543 more words

''Stručnjaci za bezbednost'' - prekinite sa lupetanjem!

Ko još sluša priče (bajke, lupetanja, kako god hoćete…), koje pričaju bivši lovci na četnike i ustaše u emigraciji, koji se uz pomoć medija lažno predstavljaju kao ”stručnjaci za bezbednost” ili još smešnije, ”za organizovani kriminal”? 719 more words



Poisoned Pen Press. 298 pages. Hardback $26.95, Trade Papberback $15.95.

I have finally caught up with Whittle’s Tai Randolph Mystery series, now in its fifth installment. 454 more words

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White high school football players raped a Black teammate

and for all these people acting like  Racism

isn’t passed down  and isn’t being taught

from the days of Slavery til  now

well the story of what happen back in october of 2015… 165 more words

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Klan Açıldı

Klanımız Enes Genç’i uzun uğraşları sonucunda açıldı.Enes Genç Clash Royal’de o kadar emek verdi ve klan açıldı.
Şimdi sözü Enes Genç’e bırakalım.

— Klan kurmak nasıl bir şey? 42 more words