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Mjesto Satanizma Unutar Reda Devet Uglova

Nakon što je obnovio i povratio “Satanizmu mrak, amoralnost, zlonamjernost, izazivanje sukoba i štete, Culling, zlo, koje mu sa pravom pripada“, a nakon što je razvio opširnu okultnu filosofiju i modernu hermetičku inicijatorsku Sedmostruku Stazu { 1}, važno je ispitati da li su Red Devet Uglova, okultna filosofija i Sedmostruka Staza Anton Long-a , Satanistički i da li “, predstavljaju opasni i ekstremni oblik satanizma.” {2} Pogotovo imajući u vidu da su nedavni O9A tekstovi proglasili {3} da: 710 more words

Maty's Corner Special Edition: A Call To Action

Many recent events have unfolded that have caused the Klan and varying Neo Nazi factions to have put punx on green light. They are on a warpath im Southern California. 90 more words

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Donald Trump and His Racist Base: What Is To Be Done?

Political pundits on TV found a new subject to fill the airwaves with, after all the endless stupid “debates”. So, they’re now explaining to us the “political science” behind the violence committed by white supremacist thugs at Trump rallies. 603 more words

CA Klan rally turns violent when protesters attack the group

ANAHEIM, CA – There’s just something about grown men wearing bed sheets and pillowcases that inspires hatred or ridicule among some folks. If nothing else, no respect. 153 more words


Sermon on Monday: John 1:29-42

Behold: The Lamb of God, that carries the sins of the world +

The prophet at the threshold in the middle of God’s salvific history with humankind, welcomes the One Who is deemed to be „the Lamb of God“, and, at the same time, is doomed to b e „the Lamb of God“. 1,459 more words