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Why Do We Care About The Confederate Flag?

I just read a news report about Warner Brothers and how they’re taking the Confederate flag off the top of the General Lee.  This surprised me on many levels, not the least of which being that they were spending money on digital editing… 577 more words

Notes On The Collapse

Krucifix Klan Book Of Revelations Download

Krucifix klan book of revelations download

Ebook Download And Then the End Will Come: Early Latin Christian Interpretations of the Opening of the Seven Seals Ebook Download Iron Mine Trails Book. 52 more words

Biti dio klana?!

Ovaj post je jako dugo stajao u nacrtima, čučao je skriven na dashboardu moga bloga, čekao je svoje vrijeme. I dočekao ga je…

Blog sam počela pisati prije sedam mjeseci, a početkom ove godine sam se odlučila pokrenuti te pokušati ostvariti neke davne ciljeve. 517 more words


Kryptonim Klan Na Drzewie Operacja Zero Online Games

Kryptonim klan na drzewie operacja zero online games

Kryptonim: Klan Na Drzewie: Operacja ZERO Bohaterowie odkryją także tajemnicę dotyczącą korzeni Klanu Na Kryptonim: Klan Na Drzewie online PAYPAL lub płatności online. 357 more words

Klan V Dobro Aj V Zlom Online Game

Klan v dobro aj v zlom online game

PLAY! Zine. zon1Q: Gejmerke i dalje trpe predrasude. Top 5 najvećih nagradnih fondova na esport turnirima u 2016. 219 more words

The Impeachment of William Woods Holden

On this day, March 22nd in 1871, William Woods Holden was the first governor in the United States to be impeached and removed from office.  His story is a reminder of what happens when pure partisan rancor becomes the norm in unhappy eras of American politics. 278 more words

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Roger’s note: Here are some more images, which I hope are worth at least a thousand words.  But I add a few anyway (here in Ecuador my fruit lady always throws in some extra, it’s called “Yapa.”) 159 more words