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Ruzica truck tells of local motive in his own first words…
“…talking shit? ”

He later changed his motive/story…
As is the Klan forgers norm.

SPLC -- Black "Hate Groups" Outnumber The Klan

With the recent release of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s latest “Hate Map” fundraising tool, we’ve had a chance to crunch the numbers once again, and , once again, we find them lacking. 475 more words

Southern Poverty Law Center

PAX East Haberleri: Heroes of the Storm

PAX East fuarında Blizzard da vardı ve bugün ardarda bombalar düştü.
Hearthstone için Blackrock Mountain macera modunu açıklayarak söylentileri haklı çıkaran Blizz, Heroes of the Storm kanadında da boş durmadı. 745 more words


'KKK Wednesday' Event Promotion On Facebook Prompts Apology From Krispy Kreme

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Krispy Kreme is apologizing after an event named “KKK Wednesday” at one of its stores in the U.K.

The “Krispy Kreme Klub” event was promoted on the company’s Facebook page, and fans were fast to point out the association with the Klu Klux Klan, a hate group based in America. 15 more words



He says ain’t no more real Billie blues
Jim Crow blues – lynchin’ blues
Dyin’ before livin’ blues

New blues is whinin’ blues
A pastel streak slapped against… 59 more words


The Trial of the Century?

(in response to O.J. Simpson’s Trial, 1995)

The trial of the what? Century.
Brown vs. School Board, Roe vs. Wade
Noriega indicted for drug trade… 170 more words


Dominant Trait

Blond-haired boy
sits second seat from front, faced forward,
He follows her every move.

Like laser on target,
Drawn to his eyes,
Pupils aflame. 116 more words