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Saga 36

Today, Ryan M. and Patrick are discussing Saga 36, originally released April 27, 2016.

Ryan M: I’m a sympathetic cryer. When I hear that telltale catch in someone else’s voice, my eyes swell. 1,775 more words

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Zveket ključeva koje laktom beše oborila na pod, prenuo je iz beskonačnog unošenja podataka. Odgurnula je stolicu od radnog stola i posegla da ih dohvati. 3,286 more words

Charles Offspring

The Jump

I’ve updated the Bamburgh blog post with quite a few cute videos, but this one was special and I thought it deserved it’s own posting!

31st October 2015



Klara, Frank and Emil came to visit us, and Emil and Luka got on like a house on fire once again.

We started off with a little visit to Pets’ Corner: 365 more words


Saga 31

Today, Ryan D. and Drew are discussing Saga 31, originally released November 25 2015.

Ryan D: The hiatus is over! Superstar creative team Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples have been keeping themselves rather busy since issue 30 released a million years ago in July, hitting Comic Cons and embarking upon new series. 1,289 more words

Alternating Current