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Less Known Science : The Superman Memory crystal and mysteries of Ancient Humans

Yesterday’s fiction is today’s reality.Many wildest fictious gadgets of the past have later become reality .Books and films are filled with such examples,

  • Jules Verne came up with the idea of a fax machine inĀ 20000 leagues under the sea*
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Less Known Science

Ancient Pyramid, Symbols, and Magnetic Anomalies

A jade cup was found that is magnetic inside but not outside, which is anomalous. A triangle was also found which is magnetic in the center. 82 more words


The Hidden History of the Human Race

This is an extensive presentation of Ancient Human Civilizations, and ET influences.

http://worldmysteries.tv/ Klaus Dona has traveled the world in search of unique and unexplained findings. 39 more words

Ancient Civilizations

Zero Point : Pt 1 "Messages From The Past" and Pt 2 "The Structure of Infinity" FULL MOVIE 1080p

The link to part 2 is provided in the description below, enjoy!

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Zero Point: Volume I – Messages from the Past. 334 more words

Earth & Humanity's Hidden History

More Hidden History

If the giant skeletons of the Nephilim intrigued you, this video may be right up your alley.

Austrian researcher of artifacts Klaus Dona did a video-log interview with Bill Ryan of Project Avalon (Kerry Cassidy’s former partner in Project Camelot) in 2010 and exposed us to many artifacts found in various places on the globe that shed a brilliant light on our hidden past. 105 more words

How The Illuminati Corrupted History