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Ego and Obsession: Fitzcarraldo

Werner Herzog is a name that both excites and repels me, at least until now, as then I found myself hot and cold with his works, with Cobra Verde being an enormous disappointment and Grizzly Man as a faultless piece of cinema. 600 more words

Per Qualche Dollaro in Più [For a Few Dollars More] (1965)


With the second of the Dollars trilogy, Sergio Leone opted to go with one mantra: “bigger, better, badasser”. Everything in For a Few Dollars More… 84 more words

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Fitzcarraldo - Review #27

Klaus Kinski, or as I like to call him, the German Steve Buscemi.

Fitzcarraldo, directed by Werner Herzog-no, I did not make that name up-tells the story of Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald, better known as ‘Fitzcarraldo’. 476 more words


Il Grande Silenzio (The Great Silence) (1968)

Il Grande Silenzio is a great example of the western sub genre known as “Spaghetti Westerns”. These films were usually shot in Italy or Spain and featured many unknown European actors who would be billed under fake English sounding names such as Terence Hill and Bud Spencer (whose real names were Mario Girotti and Carlo Pedersoli respectively). 399 more words


Werner Herzog's Cobra Verde

Today I watched Werner Herzog’s Cobra Verde (1987)

Cobra Verde is the story of Klaus an opportunistic outlaw, played by Klaus Kinski, hired to re-open the slave trade in Dahomey. 251 more words

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A Small Lesson

I started this series a long while ago with the intention to find a simple way to describe exceptional individuals’ lives work in a handy phrase thus creating a reference for quick learning. 19 more words

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