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Finally we got a new episode of Bloodbaths and Boomsticks up (we are lazy you know)

 After a brief intermission we are back to talk about a true horror classic in THE HOWLING.  A truly bad sci-fi flick that has a ton of insanity in JOHNNY MNEMONIC. 42 more words


For A Few Dollars More

This is another film not on this blog, so it has been at least eight years since I last watched this, which is far too long. 274 more words


Aguirre, the Wrath of God | Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes (1972)

It’s the age-old question. Can watching a film make you sick?

It’s interesting how linked to our senses, the appreciation of a film is. I was watching Werner Herzog’s West German classic with a queasy stomach the other day. 1,696 more words


Week 40 - The Angry Young Man in Winter: Oliver Reed

While American audiences would later thrill to the likes of Clint Eastwood, Lee Marvin, Steve McQueen and James Coburn, one of the earliest “tough guy” actors of their vintage actually hailed from the UK. 121 more words

Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine Podcast

The Little Drummer Girl

In the early 1980s, I read a couple of John LeCarre novels and there was a great TV series that played on PBS featuring Alec Guinness as the spymaster Smiley. 1,522 more words

Schizoid (1980)

This movie is very much like a perfect storm. The madness that is Klaus Kinski, distilled through the bombastic style of Cannon Films and the early 80s slasher aesthetics has resulted in a rather cheesy, delightful little low budget slasher horror movie. 731 more words

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