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April 23rd, 2018 Movie - Venom

Ahh, another bit of nostalgia hitting me right here. Back when I was a kid, I saw this movie one of the days while at day care (I already explained my experiences with day care). 1,992 more words

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Sergio Corbucci's The Great Silence on Blu-ray

Film Movement Classics of New York are releasing a newly restored 2K transfer of Sergio Corbucci’s fabulous snow-bound Spaghetti Western The Great Silence (Italy/France, 1968) on Blu-ray in June. 77 more words


Footprints/Footprints On The Moon/Le Orme (1975)

‘Must attempt operation alpha on the next one’s brain to totally neutralise his emotional circuits.’

A translator has a vivid dream of an astronaut being left to die on the moon and finds a mysterious postcard in her kitchen when she wakes up. 736 more words

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Slaughter Hotel

A mental institute that keeps unguarded medieval weapons lying about the rec room illustrates the differences between American and European psychotherapy

1971, Italy


Klaus Kinski, Margaret Lee, Rosalba Neri, Jane Garret, John Karlsen, Gioia Desideri, Giangiacomo Elia, Fernando Cerulli, Ettore Geri, Monica Strebel, Carla Mancini, Piero Nistri, Daniela Di Bitonto, Enzo Spitaleri, Rosanna Braida… 2,916 more words

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Android (1982)

Android (1982)

Directed by: Aaron Lipstadt

Cast: Klaus KinskiDon Keith OpperBrie Howard

Tame but slightly interesting sci-fi take on the Frankenstein legend, Android stays watchable due to the imposing presence of the ever great Klaus Kinski but is somehow dated as most similar films from that era. 270 more words

Home Alone With Two Fat Ladies... Fulci, Martino, Di Leo, Lenzi & Bava Jr On 88 Films Blu-Ray.

Picture yourself at the fag-end of 2017 / phony dawn of 2018. Christmas Day petered out shortly after Christmas dinner had been consumed, you’re too old and world-weary to give a rat’s ass about New Year’s Eve… your nearest and dearest have peeled off to do whatever it is they do, leaving you home alone with a greasy turkey leg, a tub of Quality Street now containing more cellophane than chocolate and hundreds of satellite TV channels… all screening shit, 24/7. 3,259 more words

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