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Snow Day

We had little flurries of snow yesterday, but today we woke up to a sheet of snow over our little bit of England. For most reading this, you’ve probably already had snow and I’m really late to the party. 405 more words

To School Lunch or not to School Lunch

This was a simple decision for my husband and I. Whilst free school meals are offered to all primary school children in our area, we are a family who like to cook from scratch. 423 more words

Going green

As a family, we are attempting to be more ecologically minded. We have made many minor changes so far and will continue to do so wherever we can. 719 more words


Dzień 5 klean kanteen

Zimowa polityka wywozu śmieci zwróciła moją uwagę na jeden drobny szczegół. Wcześniej segregowane śmieci wywożone były 2 razy w miesiącu. W okresie jesienno-zimowym tylko raz. Przestrzeń w której trzymam stojak z workami nie jest wielka, przy takiej częstotliwości wywozu odpadów mam wrażenie, że śmieci jest naprawdę dużo. 199 more words

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The Best Water Bottles to Hydrate You this Summer

More and more Americans are ditching their sodas, juices, and sugary drinks for some good old, quality H2O. The only problem is, we’re reaching for bottled water instead of the stuff from the tap. 971 more words


Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottles Lead Testing with Clean Living Connection

Stainless steel bottles and cups have become the norm to replace toxic plastics containing BPA. Now we are discovering that since they replaced BPA… 2,128 more words

Current Favorites: Zero Waste Kit

Every wanna-be zero waster (myself included) quickly discovers that refusing single-use plastics on a daily basis requires a bit of planning. Luckily, I love planning. And note taking. 584 more words

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