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First-timer hoping to wrest House seat from decades of GOP control (Houston Chronicle -Subscription Only)

By Matthew Tresaugue

The business card for Michael Shawn Kelly, a landscape architect who wants to represent the deep-red suburbs of far north Harris County in the Texas House, touts his conservative values and quotes the late Republican politician Jack Kemp.

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"I'm a gay man looking for someone I both like and fancy. Why is it so difficult?"

I’m a single man in my mid-30s. I was something of a monogamist throughout my 20s with only three relationships by 30. I’ve now been single for six years. 843 more words

Mathematics: The Next Generation

Historical Backgroud:

Math evolves since antiquity, from Babylon, Egypt 5,000 years ago, through Greek, China, India 3,000 years ago, then the Arabs in the 10th century taught the Renaissance Europeans the Hindu-Arabic numerals and Algebra, Math progressed at a condensed rapid pace ever since: complex numbers to solve cubic equations in 16th century Italy, followed by the 17 CE French Cartersian Analytical Geometry, Fermat’s Number Theory,…, finally by the 19 CE to solve quintic equations of degree 5 and above, a new type of Abstract Math was created by a French genius 19-year-old… 378 more words


Klein Tools 682-6 No.2 Phillips Rapi-Driv Screwdriver

The Klein 682-6 No.2 Phillips Rapi-Driv Screwdriver has a Cushion-Grip handle for greater torque and comfort. Other features include: Patented Tip-Ident quickly identifies the type of screwdriver and screwdriver tip orientation; Premium chrome-plated for smooth feel and corrosion resistance; Internal flanges inside handle provide solid, twist-resistant blade anchor; Special heat-treated shafts; Precision-machined tip for exact fit; Meets or exceeds applicable ASME/ANSI specifications; Crank-action handle spins screws fast with one hand; Saves time and effort, especially on long-threaded screws in switch plates, light fixtures, etc. 36 more words


Das Leben ist die Reflexion deiner Träume. Träumst du groß, führst du ein großes Leben. Träumst du klein, lebst du ein kleines Leben ohne schöne große Überraschungen, und ergehst du dich gar in Alpträumen, in Hässlichem, lebst du gar ein fürchterliches. 10 more words

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