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Illinois peeps, check out - Public Pensions, Once Unassailable, Start to Look Vulnerable

Judges and other top officials are challenging the widespread belief that public pensions are untouchable when they cause financial distress.. via NYT Business Day http://ift.tt/1vzLaDg


“To be really mediæval one should have no body. To be really modern one should have no soul. To be really Greek one should have no clothes.”

A few months back I was in a Women, Gender, and Sexuality course and for an assignment, each student had to create a life-size “map” of their body. 533 more words


Wie ben ik?

Een heel klein jongetje. Een jongetje wat waardering zoekt. Een jongetje dat zichzelf heeft aangeleerd dat hij heel hard moet werken om beloont te worden. Een jongetje dat een beloningssysteem voor zichzelf heeft gecreëerd om het leven aan te kunnen. 453 more words


"How can I make the RIGHT decision about my life and get out of this paralysis?" Thoughtful Advice, No Glib Life Tips

“Six months ago I lost my job and haven’t yet found anything substantial to replace it. About the same time my husband experienced stress-related heart problems. 1,356 more words

Review of Organizing Entrepreneurial Judgment

| Peter Klein |

David Howden’s generous review of Organizing Entrepreneurial Judgment appears in the March 2015 issue of the International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal… 211 more words

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Microeconomics of War

| Peter Klein |

The old Keynesian idea that war is good for the economy is not taken seriously by anyone outside the New York Times… 376 more words

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