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Spiced Ale

Glasses clinking in half lit rooms
Rummaging for finger foods
Drowning in spiced ale to forget
The pain that was you

Laughing about senseless japes… 168 more words

Bottoms up! An overview of rectal foreign bodies

In a previous blog I looked at the practice of urethral manipulation where men insert objects into their urethra for sexual stimulation. Another similar sexual practice is the insertion of ‘foreign bodies’ into the rectal passage. 1,303 more words


Kinky Fetishes You Never Knew About

There’s kinky sex and then there’s kinky sex. You may think that a little bondage and some fuzzy handcuffs in the bedroom is pretty out there, but it’s guaranteed that there are dozens (and maybe even hundreds) of different sex fetishes and fantasies that you didn’t even know about. 723 more words

Interesting News

Resident Evil Dining

I don’t care what I have to do but I really have to go to Japan this year – for starters check this RE restaurant out. 307 more words


Hit me baby, one more time: A brief overview of sexual masochism

In a previous blog, I briefly examined the psychological literature on sexual sadism. Today’s blog looks at its counterpart – sexual masochism – often viewed as two sides of the same coin. 1,670 more words


Enema of the state of mind: A beginner’s guide to klismaphilia

Klismaphilia – a term coined by Dr Joanne Denko in the reporting of two case studies early 1970s (‘klisma’ is the Greek word for ‘enema’) – is a very unusual variant in sexual expression in which an individual obtains sexual pleasure from receiving enemas (i.e., the cleansing of the colonic canal via anal douching). 1,124 more words


Welcome to the Eyes on Fetish Wordpress Blog

Hello and welcome to our Blog. We will be updating this soon but in the mean time please check out our website and clip store by visiting… 73 more words