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Quite an Odd Feeling

Quite an odd feeling,
something being gone when you expect it to be there.
Sometimes it takes the absence of something you take for granted to make you see… 445 more words


$TWTR Damages Their Investors As #RandiLeeHarper Advocates For ISIS

It is astonishing that @Jack and @Vijaya have allowed 3 people to harm Twitter to the extent that they have.

Lies not only poison the well for twitter and investors, but it destroys what Twitter is at it’s core.   1,274 more words

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Return on Influence

This is my final blog post for the social media class I’m enrolled in at the University of Tennessee.  Recently, we read a book, Return on Influence… 174 more words

Social Media Tools for Journalists

Nowadays, there are a million things that journalists need to know. The newsrooms have shrunk, the responsibilities have piled up, and it seems like every day,  439 more words


Are you a social salesperson? Really?

Are you a social salesperson? All the cool salespeople are! LinkedIn now has a measure to let you know whether you are: the social selling index (SSI). 286 more words

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The Keys to Understanding and Managing the Mystery of Klout

If you’re active in social media, then you most likely already know about Klout.  What you might not know though is what exactly Klout is, why it’s important and how can you best manage and impact your Klout score.  601 more words

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