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Social Media Platforms That Consolidate Your Other Social Media Activities

Over the past few months I’ve learned more about various social media tools by sitting in on classes offered in my region through 530 Media Project… 467 more words


Wordpress Update Could Make Life Easier for 20 Percent of the Internet

Nearly 20 percent of all sites on the Internet are powered by WordPress (including this one), the open-source content management system that started out as free blogging software, … 840 more words

Don't tell your boss, but the best time to post on Facebook is during the workday

Ah, the eternal question: If you posted something to Facebook and nobody liked it, did it really even happen? Yes, but that deafening silence will still take a toll on your self-esteem. 224 more words

Get rewards for your online social impact!

This is the only trustworthy website that I’ve found that ranks you based on the amount of interaction your friends and followers have with your posts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. 120 more words


SaaS for the Social Media Manager

It doesn’t matter what sort of business or industry you are a part of. You need to manage your social media coverage. You should at least be aware where people are talking about you. 1,313 more words


It's who you are, not who you know that's important online

It has been a good week for finding PR blogs about online influence. That led me to thinking about what makes people influential online and, most importantly, whether it is yet worth paying a vendors to find that out. 505 more words


Day 104 - Facebook Page and other stuff

I posted previously that I created a Twitter account for Ana’s Lair, so I figured… Why not create a facebook page as well?

Different social media have different things to offer, and I wondered if any of my followers appreciated facebook and would be willing to like the page and eventually post there. 293 more words

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