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That Time That Conan, Seth and I.... Klout Changes!

Just kidding.

No, really!

Klout’s new changes include a top 10 list for people on social media.

I have made two top 10 lists.

Twitter… 22 more words

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A New Klout Grand Rollout

I have discovered some changes made to the Klout website.

And I am a big kid at heart and love the stars!

I feel appreciated already. 61 more words

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Badge of honour or social media perk?

Here’s another perk for social media power users and influencers from Klout.  Digital badges are a great vehicle to display credible skills.  This is a good initiative but can fall down when lot’s of organisations are implementing their own initiatives. 48 more words


The Upworthy Don: Formulas That Drive Google, Klout, Facebook Help Drexel Researchers Understand Organized Cybercrime

by Drexel University News

Notorious gangsters Al Capone and Carlo Gambino were famously done in by tax evasion charges. John Gotti, the “Teflon Don” was given up by a confidant. 1,417 more words


Don't follow Keith Gill's Advice. It Can Cost You Your #Twitter Account

Readers of this blog will recall that false advertiser Keith Gill is held up by Sales 4 Life and Jamie Shanks as their “social proof” that that their methods work. 323 more words

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Stop, Drop, and Scroll.

I remember registration time last semester. I saw this class and remember thinking to myself, “A class devoted to Social Media?! This should be easy!”. Growing up in a generations fully connected to electronics where people are on social media 24/7, I thought I knew it all. 420 more words