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Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

Along the result of president election came out, Donald Trump became one of the most popular celebrities on internet. Of course, his competitor, Hillary Clinton, also became one of the most popular celebrities on internet. 231 more words

Social Media Comparision: Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift

The Ongoing Feud Between Kanye West and Taylor Swift 

This year, controversy erupted between artists Kanye West and Taylor Swift over the track “Famous” on West’s recently released album, “The Life of Pablo”. 954 more words


Social Media Buzz Comparison

Sports aren’t really my thing… When I come to think of it though, I could name who the top sporting goods corporations are, partially because of their social buzz on different social media outlets. 529 more words

Haiku for you

I’m not always happy
Try to fake it till I make it
What a load of crap


The Jenner Women: Brand Comparison

The Kardashian/Jenner clan is one of the most famous families in pop culture today; or infamous depending on how you view them. While everyone knows that Kris Jenner is the longtime matriarch and manager of her family, Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, has now taken her spot as matriarch number two. 890 more words

The Good, The Bad & The Ineffective

Klout is a website that measures a user’s social media influence across various platforms.  Klout defines influence as “the ability to drive action.”  The site differentiates influence from activity in that a user can be active on an array of social media platforms but that activity isn’t guaranteed to elicit a response from others.  522 more words

Klout's Online Shareable Content Platform

Klout, an online shareable content platform, allows users to create their own personal content space that is geared towards their interests. When you first sign-up with… 390 more words