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Social Media Success

To maintain success on social media in boxing, Twitter and Facebook should be used. Fighters and matchmakers should use Twitter daily to share updates on training as well as break down fights live, and offer their opinions and behind-the-scenes information on fights to develop individual brand presences as well as company and promotional brand presences. 322 more words


Is #DigitalKeith Now Obsessed With @StarKistCharlie Tuna? #EaV #SocialSales #InfluencerNetworking

What actually lies behind Keith Gill’s (AKA DigitalKeith, Leader of EmpireKred) sudden desire to cause his outrage over smaller portions in Starkists’ packaging to trend? 255 more words

Social Media


Klout is a website that scores you out of 100 based on how well you are reaching people through different social media platforms. I joined the website and connected it to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 209 more words


in which we get a free dress from Lattori and style it #kloutperks

The running joke on this blog is the email box surprise. Somehow it never gets old (for me at least). The latest thing that popped out of my email box? 379 more words


Sociial Media Exploration - Phase I

I’d have called it a project if there had been a plan. It started as a curiosity. I posted some of the material below to one of rarely used blogs on August 28th. 868 more words

The Curtain

Buffoon Baboon And The Red Butt of Doom #EaV #SocialSales

What kind of self promoting “social sales rock star” that promoted Linked.In, along with twitter,  as the key to his klout success doesn’t want people from viewing his Linked.In profile? 486 more words

Social Media