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Social Media Manners Matter

Will someone please come up with a better name than ‘social media’? Yes, it is correct because the media that is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and such are media driven by socializing, but too many people either don’t use the term and instead just mention the sites they use, or redefine the phrase to mean ‘modern advertising’. 1,220 more words

New Series: Grateful 4

My writer-friend Rebecca Sheraton sent me a link to a blog post she knew I should read. It’s great to have a writing buddy who has your back and shares inspiring blog posts. 1,308 more words


This Week In BlackBerry World: Inst10 for Instagram

This week we would like to highlight an amazing app that provides a native Instagram experience.

Inst10 for Instagram gives users the opportunity to share their lives and keep up with other people by taking pictures and videos, customizing and posting on Instagram which then shares the post instantly on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more! 448 more words

BlackBerry World

Rise launches The Premier League Players Power 100

August is drawing to a close and to some, that can only mean one thing; the start of the 2015/16 English Premier League football season. And so begins nine months of action on the pitch and just as much, if not more, interest in the game off the pitch. 241 more words



So I have known about Klout for some time, but haven’t gotten round to using it until now. If you are big on social media I strongly suggest you begin using Klout, not only do some employers now look at your klout score (for relevant jobs of course) but it also helps you personally track how much engagement your posts are getting. 239 more words

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Social Media Services

In today’s fast-paced digital world, a strong online presence is a must for any business. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just build a website and hope for traffic to show up. 445 more words


How To Get Your Tweets Indexed On Google

There has been a significant increase in indexation of tweets by Google, from about 0.6% in February to 3.4% in June. That’s a MASSIVE 466% increase. 842 more words