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What is Klout?

When it comes to online marketing, most brands want to have as large a reach as possible and connect with as many consumers as they can. 511 more words

Social Media And Business


This is a post for my “Social Media Marketing” class. For this assignment, we were to register on klout.com to find out how much online “clout” we have. 418 more words

Klout Score: I'm a 20 Category Expert. Now what?

Being relatively new to this whole world of measuring social media influence, I decided to check out my Klout score. I’ve read this is somewhat of a dated concern but Klout still serves as a useful tool for measuring so called ‘influence’. 55 more words


7 truths you need to know about Klout

Outside of the bubble occupied by bloggers and social media specialists, Klout is largely irrelevant. And yet within that bubble it is something many worry about a great deal, particularly in parent blogging circles where it is one of the eight components of the Tots100 rankings. 1,218 more words


Is our approach to Business Transformation dated – The Personal Journey (Part 3 of 3)

In this 3rd part of my blog, I’ll focus on self-transformation in the professional setting only. Life transformation which encompasses our professional lives, family, relationships, and our spiritual self is not covered here, and is perhaps a topic for another blog. 910 more words


The First Thing You Need to Do for Social Media Success

Whenever I attend digital marketing conferences or have opportunities to speak with both undergraduate and graduate interns, I often come across questions about what it takes to do well in social media. 617 more words

Social Media

Managing Your Online Reputation | Career Services

When using social media and online networking tools, realize that your online persona will shape others’ opinions and perceptions of you — personally and professionally. That makes sound judgment and a smart posting strategy a career essential. 369 more words