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The Colossus of Klout

As the title eludes to.. I’d like to talk about a great social media tool called Klout. I’ve had a chance to play around with it and when I plugged in my social media account info, I received what’s referred to as a “Klout Score.” The Klout Score tells me how well I’m doing when it comes to enabling users to access my influence and content. 354 more words


Inside Joymode, a subscription service saving you from buying all of the things

Surveying the retail world right now, it’s hard to see anything but Amazon.

The company offers a degree of convenience for buyers of stuff that’s never been equalled (which, while being hyperbolic may also be true), and it has made consuming new crap nearly effortless. 2,027 more words


Social Media Analytics Tools

Here we are going to provide the best 55 Social Media Analytics Tools which will help you in your SEO Journey. You can compare social media analytics tools which are provided here and see what works best for you. 3,627 more words

Brandwatch Analytics

Nicole Gets Social: End of Semester Reflection

I started this blog as an assignment for my Social Media as Mass Communication class at UCF, and over the course of four blog posts, I’ve seen it grow and evolve into a tool to analyze social media in general as well as its effect on the advertising industry as a whole. 468 more words


Finding Balance Among The Craziness of Content Creation Means Tracking Analytics

By Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional

Analytics are everywhere in this new world of marketing content.  While it may be piecemeal and take some, well deserved, time to curate, it can mean the difference between being a Top Producer and a bottom feeding failure.

315 more words

Uber is your new Klout score. Or is it?

First, Klout failed. With that out of the way…

A recently published article by Mohamed A. El-Erian on Bloomberg, What a Middling Uber Rating Might Say About You… 556 more words

Random Thought

Be Known For What You Love?

When you hit tweet on your latest 140 character bit of wisdom, you hope that people will agree with what you’ve said. You also hope that they’ll show they agree by liking your tweeting or, even better, retweeting it and sharing it with all of their followers. 599 more words

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