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KMG disbands

a few days ago the group KMG decide to stop cohering as a unit and continue in their music career as individuals.

Word on the streets have it that they never had a fight or any disputes of any kind, but just felt they would develop better individually. 27 more words

Preluarea KMG de CEFC scoate RRC din canalul de 0,04 si 0,045 lei

Din punct de vedere strict tehnic, informatia privind preluarea KMG de catre CEFC da titlurilor RRC acel impuls de care avea nevoie pentru a iesi din perioada de “convalescenta” in care a zacut timp de mai bine de doi ani. 388 more words

Economie, Bani Si Investitii

Soldier, Fighter and Fitness Guy

Recently I had a conversation with Dimitrios Andritsos from KMG Beligium. We were discussing the type of KM instructors out there in this community and the differences between them. 633 more words

Self Defense

Why do Combat Conditioning Fitness and Strike Labs Matter to Krav Maga? Part II

Earlier we discussed how fitness, strength and conditioning relate to improving our Krav Maga. Aside from the multiple health benefits of being in good shape, developing strength and endurance, we develop the ability to survive encounters better by strengthening our Krav Maga. 803 more words

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