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[LISTEN] Bad Boyfriend Poker: Hickeys, Stealing, and Terrible Nicknames

It’s Thursday again, which means it’s Bad Boyfriend Poker time!

Two members of the KMLE Nation called in to Steve and Nina to compete against each other and tell their worst ex-boyfriend stories while the rest of KMLE nation vote who had it worse. 96 more words


[VIDEO] Blake Shelton Talks About His Moobs

We are SO excited to see Blake Shelton & Luke Bryan at KMLE Country Thunder but don’t forget they will be hosting the ACMs too!! This latest promo has Blake Shelton talking about his “moobs” and we literally can’t even with it.


[PHOTO] See Jason Aldean's First Wedding Pic!

So Jason Aldean is a married man, but we haven’t been able to see his official wedding photo yet…until now!

US Magazine released the first wedding photo, and it graces the cover of their magazine. 37 more words


[VIDEO] Hunter Hayes On A 90s Show Is Too Cute For Words.

Hunter Hayes is young and looks adorable, but he once looked even younger and cuter!

A video has gone viral of Hunter on the 90s Nickelodeon show… 45 more words


3 Ways Make-Up Woos Men

We’ve heard it all before — guys saying wear LESS make-up, they like it better. Welllll they might SAY that but this <a href=”https://www.yahoo.com/beauty/7-crazy-ways-makeup-affects-your-love-life-112280830608.html&#8221… 168 more words


KMLE Live Presents Waterloo Revival

We had an opportunity here at KMLE for a KMLE Live performance with Waterloo Revival.  Live on our Earnhardt “No Bull” stage; Waterloo Revival performed their new single “Hit the Road”.  208 more words


[LISTEN] Was it My Kid, Or My Man? : Burnt Shoes and Sharted Undies

Spawned from Steve’s impossible irresponsibility, we present to you our new segment, Was it My Kid or My Man?

On this week’s episode we have a listener who comes home to find sole food of a different kind, and another who just figured out that skid-marks don’t just exist in NASCAR! 87 more words