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Lucy Hale Has An Apple Watch!

Staying up to date is important and Lucy Hale thinks so to! The Apple Watches are out today and I would say most people are pretty excited. 71 more words


Judging An Artist By His/Her Album

CMT just reported Tim McGraw’s opinions and views about being judged based on a full album not a single hit. Tim thinks that it is great that country radio stations out there will still play his old and new songs but he does not want the fans or the public to hear one song and then think that is what the whole album is about because their is much more to be said. 139 more words


A Dog Records A Proposal On Camera!

A dog running around on the beach is cute enough but witnessing a proposal is even more touching. What happens when you combine them both? This dog was strapped with a camera and as she was hanging back watching the world go on beside her, she recorded a man proposing to his girlfriend. 12 more words


[LISTEN] Jason Aldean Calls In To Discuss His "Burn It Down" Tour...Apparently There Will Be Fire

On Friday, 3-time ACM Male Vocalist of the Year winner Jason Aldean called into the Steve and Nina show to discuss what he felt when the name “Jason Aldean” came over the speaker system at the ACM’s. 130 more words


[LISTEN]- Why Do We Need To Talk To You On Monday? Teen Shenanigans?

Jenny is a mother and many in her neighborhood consider her house the hippest spot to hang out at after school. All the kids hang out at her house and watch movies and just kind of do whatever – within parameters of course. 163 more words


[LISTEN] It's Nina D.'s Turn For Face Your Fear Friday! What Will It Be...?!

For next weeks Face Your Fear Friday,  it is Nina’s turn to face her worst fear!

LISTEN below to see what Nina will have to do.   68 more words


[PHOTO] Kacey Musgraves Had A Bad Experience With Fishnets...

So maybe Kacey Musgraves might wanna pull a Taylor Swift and get those legs of hers insured cause she did NOT have the best time with some fishnets she wore last night! 50 more words