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Sorry I haven’t posted for a while (this is for my 0 viewers) but like so i rlly wanted to summon fairies so i searched it up and my childhood in now fucking ruined like u need to walk into a forest and make a cirlce or some shit and you need to play a game and if you lose your screwed and you have to run with this piece of metal out of the woods and if you drop the fucking metal your screwed???? 9 more words

Serverless EMR Cluster monitoring with Lambda


One issue we typically have is our EMR cluster stops consuming hive queries due to the overload of the metastore loading/refreshing. This is partially caused by the usage of the… 555 more words


KMS ver. 1.2.272 - MapleStory BEYOND: Arcana!

The fourth and final patch of the MapleStory BEYOND update has been released! It contains the fourth area of Arcane River, the Mystical Forest Arcana… 3,289 more words


KMST ver. 1.2.046 - Arcana & Fantastic Theme Park Renewal!

A new test server patch containing the fourth area of Arcane River, Arcana, has been released! The patch also contains an update to Fantastic Theme Park as well as a couple of smaller changes. 1,121 more words


How to license WORKGROUP server in DOMAIN !

You probably had task to license some server or client PC that is not domain member and besides that it is not using your domain DNS server. 102 more words

Windows Server

Manually Activating a K5 Windows Server License

K5 IaaS includes a Key Management Service (KMS) for activating the bundled operating system license that is included with all Windows Server VMs. The URL of the regional KMS service is featured in the appendix of the published IaaS Features Guide, along with instructions for you to request a KMS batcg file from Fujitsu in order to activate your VMs. 182 more words

MapleStory Symphony in Budapest - The Cygnus Garden!

The final track of the MapleStory symphony in Budapest has been released, and it is indeed The Cygnus Garden, from Future Ereb. I think this is definitely one of the best ones, it’s my favourite! 148 more words