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my thesis is due tonight fml and i just failed the lab post quiz :)


New KMS Congo Crossover!

Vehicle Accessories carries Kargo Master truck and van racks as well as van shelving. Please visit one of our 4 locations or check out our website for more details.

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midterms are next week and the junior thesis is fuckin’ cancer not really, just the fact i have no motivation to work on it at home… 12 more words


Some weirder news

So, the gift card is gone. Power was lost, and now I can’t get any regular equipment. So instead of “Audio Logs of Arthur Croxley”, this is “The Logs of Arthur Croxley”. 20 more words

Some bad news

Unfortunately, we have run into a problem. I have lost the gift card I will be using to purchase my equipment, so it will be set back a few days. 9 more words


Yes. Finally a place where I can vent out about life and no one will probably read or give a fuck about this. I’ve come to the verdict of writing because I’m done with my life and talking to people physically who probably wouldn’t care and will give their inputs which I won’t appreciate, so, here I am, a guy who has an exam coming up that I’ve been preparing for since 3 years and I know I’ll fail, because my self esteem is lower than the temperature in fucking Antarctica. 399 more words


KMS ver. 1.2.289 - MapleStory Ark: Ark, the Boy who Became a Monster!

The second patch of the MapleStory Ark update has been released, containing the new High Lef race class Ark, the Boy who Became a Monster… 8,416 more words