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KMS ver. 1.2.265 - Kerning Tower!

A new patch has hit the official servers! This one is pretty much the same as the most recent test server patch, including the new theme dungeon Kerning Tower, Hard Von Leon, and a lot of QoL updates, along with some new events. 2,434 more words


Clues to how ‘super-agers’ retain young memories

Some loss of memory is usually considered an inevitable part of aging, but new research reveals how some people appear to escape that fate. A study by investigators at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) examined a group of older adults with extraordinary memory performance and found that certain key areas of their brains resembled those of young people. 539 more words

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Official MS KMS Keys

KMS keys (GVLK) for Windows Client and Server SKU’s

Vista, 7, 8, 8.1. Server 2008, Server 2008R2, Server 2012 R2.

KMS Client Keys gathered.. 69 more words


KMS ver. 1.2.264 - Abundant Hangawi!

The MapleStory V update is officially over! This patch includes a small number of changes but is mainly targeted towards events, about Chuseok/Hangawi, a harvest festival that takes place in Korea. 2,115 more words



Every day, your company handles enormous amounts of information, data and knowledge that pile up constantly. While some of this data is trivial, other pieces of information may be vital for the success and profitability of your enterprise. 526 more words


Windows 10 Activation Failure


When attempting to activate volume license versions of Windows 10 you can often end up experiencing problems. This article will explain how to determine if this is the problem you’re experiencing as well as how to successfully activate Windows. 360 more words


Gizi Seimbang

Gizi seimbang adalah susunan pangan sehari-hari yang mengandung zat gizi dalam jenis
dan jumlah yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan tubuh, dengan memperhatikan prinsip keanekaragaman pangan, aktivitas fisik, perilaku hidup bersih dan memantau berat badan secara teratur dalam rangka mempertahankan berat badan normal untuk mencegah… 183 more words