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on writing

seriously, I remember when I was six
When writing came mysteriously and made me feel sixty
It understood me, and made my war-torn city heaven… 10 more words

Nothing to Lose x K'naan

For the purpose of today’s blog post I analyzed “Nothing to Lose” by K’naan ft. Nas. “Nothing to Lose” is basically of story of how both artist, K’naan and Nas, have overcame the adversaries of there childhood and, therefore, have nothing to lose because they came from nothing. 276 more words

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Put On For My City: How Lyricist K'naan Represents the Diaspora Through His Music

Somalian-born lyricist K’naan can never forget where he came from and he makes it known that he came from the struggle through his music. When he speaks about his country, you can see pride in his face, despite all the havoc and killing that’s going on, he makes it known that he is not ashamed. 279 more words

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Preserving your Identity

Beginning in 1985, the number of African students coming to the U.S. began to increase substantially. The largest increase was seen between 2000 and 2010 with an African population in the U.S. 480 more words

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Heritage: Home to Here

In K’naan’s song Nothing to Lose feat. Nas K’naan comes to terms with his Somali culture and heritage and how it influenced him when first immigrating to the United States. 280 more words

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Many MCs speak and boast about their brave natures and hard up bringing in their raps. They convey this by describing their longevity in the game and how they survived violent experiences, usually at a young age. 357 more words

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K'Naan - Somalia

KNAAN is an artist who came to the United States as a refugee at the young age of 14. His homeland is the country of Somalia. 366 more words

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