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Sleep, a distant memory

Picture this. Sunday morning, waking up after 1pm, still slightly drunk and pondering what to do with your day. Maybe you will get up and get some food. 767 more words


A few days ago, the word of the day on our word calendar was “knackered.”  It’s a British word that is synonymous for “tired.”

“Knackered” is presumptively an excellent word, because all words that begin with a “k” are.   246 more words


Thursday, February 2nd

Okay, heads up. There will be no continuation of the story of Kay Holmes today. I need a good run at the next installment and I simply do not have time. 778 more words

Return Of The Black Dog Diary

It's been a long day. 

So I didn’t end up leaving the library until 7:30am this morning…. I was at the library for a total of 17 HOURS!!!!!!! SEVENTEEN HOURS. 217 more words


I feel like this week has dragged…

So, Monday I had my glucose test which I’m glad is a one off 😒 I arrived at 9am, registered at the desk and was told to take a seat. 606 more words


Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

This is because i have been sleeping badly due to my son going through a horrible period waking up several times a night and over time really dampens everything. 118 more words


Marks and Sleep

I went to M&S shortly after we’d got home feeling like I’d spent three sleepless days after a weekend tripping on blotters. Sleep deprivation does that to a person, The Surrealists experimented with the phenomena in order to engage with hidden realities, I thought about this as I wandered about an empty M&S like a ghost; it was just after nine a.m., watery shards of spring sunshine picked out fine clouds of dust that swirled over the racks and rails of taciturn slacks and empty blouses. 443 more words

Born To Lose. Live To Wean