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The joy of sharing a nap with my daughter is inversely proportional to how relaxing the rest of the day can possibly be.  A twice-daily decision has to be made – do I work or do I sleep?   554 more words

'Knackered' - British slang

Example sentences from the web:

  • The rider forgot to eat before the last climb of the day and he was completely knackered half way up…
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Idioms And Slang

How many plates can you carry?

I’ve come to the conclusion that, on certain days, parenting is a little like one, long waitressing shift.

Except for the fact that you don’t get paid and the only ‘tips’ on offer are stroppy about-to-start-school ones along the lines of: ‘Mummy, I need more blueberries,’ and ‘You need to buy more chocolate biscuits.’ 473 more words

Things you never really get until having kids

In the dim and distant past, otherwise known as the years before children, I vaguely remember an old boss once making what, at the time, I thought was a really fatuous comment. 622 more words

Hard core to the Max!!

I suddenly realise I have been sat squinting at the TV for the last 30 min and have no idea what I’m even watching… I look around me and the place is a tip it must have got quite rowdy this time, bottles and cups scattered across the floor, half eaten plates of food and miscellaneous clothing strewed all over the living room floor! 508 more words