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Tiredness washes over me like a heavy downpour

My enthusiasm escapes me like a dog through an open door

My body awakens from dream world but my mind is wanting more… 91 more words


8.45 am

That’s right, I’m still in bed, itching my hive ridden skin. I thought a few minor exercises were definitely called for, especially due to the sugar intake of not one, but two fizzy drinks yesterday (no wonder why I can’t get to sleep). 15 more words


This face...

This is the face of 16-hours awake. Of someone who still hasn’t had tea tonight, or even a wee since about 3pm. It’s the face of late nights and urgent dashes for school pick-ups. 141 more words


In the pavilion this morning, as we arrived to finish seeing off the last of the equipment, a solitary blue balloon moved from side to side on the floor. 502 more words


Just an example of what's to come!

Between Friday night and this afternoon, I have relied on family for 8 journeys! Now we can kinda accept these journeys over the weekend cos I’m not causing my family too much chaos but today, today is different. 157 more words


I am exhausted…but I still have one more ‘push’ to go!! I have definitely burnt the candle at both ends, down to the wick. I can barely find these keypads! 52 more words

Work In Progress


I am good although extremely tired. Been awake since 2am. Can’t sleep in hospitals dammit. Shouldn’t have much trouble tonight hopefully