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Prince's Trust: Day 31 (Friday 12th May 2017)

Hey everybody.

Today was really intense, I’ll get to why in a minute. Worryingly it was so intense and knackering, I nearly fell asleep in the back of my supervisor’s car on the way back from Manchester – how embarrassing! 313 more words


How To Trick Yourself Into Exercise

I needed to wake up early because the puppies needed to go outside, getting dressed my work out clothes were closer than my work clothes… they go on, trainers on, work out hoody on and I am still, coming up with ideas of how not to exercise. 276 more words

Afternoons in College: The struggle is real

I remember those afternoon classes. Coming back from lunch with appetites satisfied. The warm sun shining over the courtyard. The classroom stuffy because the AC has struggled all day and can’t keep up with the demand. 39 more words

Daily Ramblings

Darkness Murmurs

When darkness murmurs deep in dreams least to be remembered

soft muffled tones stir knackered eyelids awake.




Knackered was one of the words frequently used in my first years in England.  It’s amazing what nostalgia it brings to mind. As new generations come, so do their language.

Daily Prompt: Knackered


Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

What the heck is “knackered”? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary it’s British and means tired, exhausted.

Thesaurus has overtaxed, overworked, over fatigued, pooped, run downed and many more.  27 more words

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Knackered Toy Horse

The little, old, knackered children’s toy rocking horse rests amid the bulldozed debris of the old corner “depanneur”(general store) that had burned down a few years ago remaining a vacant, fire and smoke blackened eyesore. 215 more words