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Young Woman's 'Wild Night' With Grandmaster Flash...

Reports just in state that, 24 hours on, our dear young woman at Number 28 is, in fact, STILL aching all over after her spontaneous wild Saturday night with Grandmaster Flash. 114 more words

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22 Weeks: Update from Mom

Genuinely can’t believe how quickly I’m writing another one of these weekly updates… I know I pretty much start every weekly update like this, but it’s because it flabbergasts me every time! 676 more words



It’s only twenty past nine in the morning and I am already absolutely exhausted.
I slept absolutely awful.

Pro Plus and Lucozade for me.

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All Eyes On Number 28 After Speculations Regarding Hibernation-Plot! 

Earlier this evening, all ears, AND eyes for that matter, were drawn to Number 28 after rumors that a big coup – of some sort – being plotted. 100 more words

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The joy of sharing a nap with my daughter is inversely proportional to how relaxing the rest of the day can possibly be.  A twice-daily decision has to be made – do I work or do I sleep?   554 more words

'Knackered' - British slang

Example sentences from the web:

  • The rider forgot to eat before the last climb of the day and he was completely knackered half way up…
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