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Tonight I feel tired

So much I want to write but certainly no space in my brain to give it space to grow tonight.  I’m knackered! A huge week of thinking and presentations and trying to keep the hamster running on the little wheel – both at work and at home.   264 more words


Week 11

I started early in the week playing some football. Doesn’t happen often but I like to think of it as part of my training.

I joined a pick-up game and felt I had a great game. 1,257 more words

My Career

April 14th : Running Diego.

We’ve finally, after 41 weeks, got to the point where Diego can come out front without his lead. Where we live there is a nice long path out the front of our house, we’ve started using it train the pup. 47 more words


How to tire a puppy

We had long known that we would have to put a fence around our garden in the event of a dog as we’re about 25 metres from a main road. 261 more words


April 8th - Scupper

Scupper – v British: to defeat or put an end to: do in

The sound of his pounding heart thundered in Kent’s ears and he could not see for the white lights that clouded his vision. 155 more words

365 Words Challenge

i'm in training!

my wee legs

my poor achy legs

my not much good legs

my need a stick for support

need a stick for balance

no matter what extra i do, my LEGS pay the recovery price. 102 more words

Me And My Defects