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Video: Make Bread by Hand

Come make bread with us!

Here’s something fun to try this weekend- maybe as a test run for some fresh bread for thanksgiving? Let us know what you make- #florriemarie on instagram. 98 more words


RIVETS AND BUNS (A War Story of Love)

Her soft hands
warmly knead my flour
a precious cargo
booming to land another flawless mission.

To Paris on her smell.

He doesn’t feel the final rivet snap… 29 more words


Multi Seed, Wholemeal Bread

The first time I baked my own bread, I remember all the waiting time. Waiting for the sponge to rise, waiting for the dough to double in size, waiting for it (my face almost stuck on the oven door) to bake and finally waiting (in agony) for the bread to cool. 771 more words


A Dabble in Baguettes

Baguettes have many faces, many connotations. For a French person I imagine they conjure up school-day memories of crusty clouds encompassing snapping squares of bittersweet chocolate, or long family breakfasts narrated by a cacophony of cracking, tearing sounds and the soothing muffle of butter. 473 more words

New Endeavours

Sweet, Sweet Brioche

My early Brioche experiences were the ones from a plastic bag from the supermarket that somehow manage to feel both damp and dry at the same time. 366 more words

New Endeavours

Chocolate Pizza

Today I wanted to do some baking and as there was no responsible adult around, Grandma had to help.

I thought Chocolate Pizza sounded like a good idea. 280 more words