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Question from a Kneady Feline

This question comes from the very kneady Dylan

“Why do I knead my human so much? I just need to knead. It’s like an addiction, and I knead her and knead her…to the point that I NEED her. 528 more words


Needing to knead

As with every cat, Noogie loved kneading.  Sure, she would massage pillows and our stomachs when we were around but her favorite thing to knead was her buddy, Mr. 283 more words

Cat Stories

萬能叔叔- 消毒搓麵包工作枱



BAKER'S BLUES by Judith Ryan Hendricks

BAKER’S BLUES (Chien Bleu Press) is the third book in Judith Ryan Hendrick’s, Bread Alone Trilogy. Wyn Morrison is back and this time, usually a 5am phone call means problems at her bakery—equipment trouble or a first shift employee is calling in sick. 443 more words


A Theological Reflection in the Art of Making Bread

Dear Reader,

I’ve been feeling pretty far from God these last few weeks. Wondering ‘God, where are you?’ And I wasn’t planning on spending any time with Him this afternoon – I was going to make cinnamon swirl bread (the most beautiful of baked goods and always reminds me of Autumn – the greatest season of them all). 646 more words


Doughnut Day 

Bbbaking here! One of the pains in life for lots of people is having the sensation of resisting licking your lips when having a mouth full of doughnut! 194 more words