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The Knead

Morning Thought: Have you ever wondered why God repeats himself? He is like a baker kneading dough. He continually presses, stretches, folds and rotates the dough so that it becomes elastic, soft and smooth. 63 more words

Morning Thought

Cocoa & Chocolate Chip Loaf

The first loaf of bread I have ever baked – It turned out very well! Look at that chocolatey goodness.

This bread is superb when toasted with a little bit of salted butter. 662 more words


Kneading 101

“Kneading is a process in the making of bread or pasta dough, used to mix the ingredients and add strength to the final product.” According to wikipedia. 522 more words


In this world

in this world

even my kneading makes

rice cakes!

chickens trampling

the rice cakes…

a comedy


Overflow #6: Beat 'Em, Burn 'Em, Then Build With 'Em!

As I teach through the book of Nehemiah at Awaken, I’m blogging weekly on some of the overflow topics I didn’t have time to dive into in each message. 665 more words


Service Cats: How To Train Kitty To Massage Without Claws

Well meowllo and welcome to another installment of our Service Cat Picking and Training Series. As with all our educational postys this will be written in da human English. 1,061 more words


Is the Kitchen a Science Experiment?

YES!! We just don’t think of it as one. We follow recipes and everything looks beautiful. (most of the time) But over the years, I’ve learned that recipes from friends for things they made that we… 2,022 more words

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