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The Knead for Bleed

A breakdown of the special classification of cat kneading. An illustrated manual for all cat lovers who are interested in knowing what may await them when they least expect it!

– Yuji


Me Vs. Yeast - Part #2

Today I decided I wanted to make bread for dinner so I thought it would be a great time to take pictures as I go so you can see what yeast and the bread dough and such are supposed to look like! 623 more words

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Me Vs. Yeast

For YEARS I tried to make bread with yeast.  It didn’t matter what I did, what sort of flour, yeast or whatever I used, I could not master the art of making bread.  313 more words

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Siamese (Twin) Cats


This week we have been practicing our siamese-twin-cats act!

We think we are prety good! What do you guys think? 112 more words


Our family is a bunch of bread maniacs, and every one of us will admit to it. Now, besides the effect that this has on a person’s waistline, it isn’t too much of a problem. 359 more words


Less gluten in Sourdough

As we discussed last week gluten is created when water and flour is mixed causing Glutenin and Gliadin to bind into the web-like structure gluten. So why does sourdough contain less gluten? 162 more words