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So I mentioned earlier my body has broken down. From overworking out. From not eating. My knees, my hips and my left foot.

I have been rehabbing my foot. 213 more words

How to protect your knees from injury

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Knee pain is extremely common and can occur for a variety of reasons such as a sports injury, age-related wear and tear or medical causes such as arthritis. 404 more words

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Musos Pleas

I know a great bunch of musos
With backs and knees that are going
From them lugging and loading
Huge heavy speakers and amps

Downsizing and weight-lightening… 22 more words

EXPLAINED: 3D Joint Motions of Skiing (Feet, Knees and Hips)

When you think of skiing and joints, you probably think Tanner Hall breaking his ankles. Chances are you’re not thinking about a functional movement that involves the dynamic interaction between almost innumerable contact points, which results in a human skiing. 71 more words