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Jetzt bin ich drei Wochen hier. Vor der Reha hatte ich gedacht: „Fünf Wochen? Was soll ich fünf Wochen dort? Ich versuche nach spätestens vier wieder nach Hause zu kommen.“ Mittlerweile habe ich fast Panik, dass in zwei Wochen alles vorbei ist und ich im Alltag bestehen muss. 601 more words

You Beauty Box June 2016

June’s YOU Beauty Box is here. Priced at a miniscle £6.95 the YOU Beauty Box is a fabulous way to discover some of the most exciting new beauty brands on the market and the bonus is that you choose the products yourself! 426 more words


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Irgendwie konnte ich gestern Abend schlecht einschlafen. Auf der linken Seite zu schlafen, fällt mir immer schon schwer. Aber rechts liegend einschlafen ging auch nicht. Trotzdem war ich schon vor dem Wecker wach und erstaunlich gut ausgeruht. 410 more words

A word from the Editor - Complementary Approaches

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Summer Issue 2016!

Have you ever tried Kneippism?

On the outskirts of the village I grew up in, just before you enter into the forest, there is a narrow water basin, perhaps 3m by 1.5m in size, and only about 40cm deep. 220 more words

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Quotes by Father Sebastian Kneipp

Father Sebastian Kneipp who lived from 1821 to 1897, had devoted his live to the health and well-being of the less fortunate patients of his time, and developed the water therapy, today referred to as ‘Kneippism’ or ‘hydrotherapy’. 1,272 more words

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Kneipp – Herbal Bath (Lavender)

Online Description:

Hectic lifestyle? Feeling overworked? Mentally drained? Soak for 15-20 minutes in the ultimate “relax time” bath with Lavender essential oil. Lavender is known for its balancing effects on body and mind and balance is the key to healthy body. 382 more words