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Inching towards ethnocracy

Slowly, methodically, step-by-step, just like an inchworm, the State of Israel will reach its destination in 2018, on its 70th birthday.

The State of Israel will officially… 453 more words


Israel's Supreme Court: Liberal bastion or an enforcer of injustice?

It is routinely hailed as Israel’s last line of defence against ultra-nationalist legislation. But does the country’s Supreme Court deserve its reputation as an upholder of liberal values? 920 more words


Israel’s ‘Jewish nation state’ bill is pushback against Palestinian citizens’ resistance

Last week, a Knesset committee approved a final version of the controversial “Jewish nation state” bill, sending it to the plenum for its three readings before becoming law. 840 more words


Knesset - Day 9

The goal of this trip was to get a sense of Israeli society from many different perspectives – social, cultural, religious, etc. On Monday, we got the political perspective. 692 more words

Comparing BBC reporting on mosque loudspeakers in Israel and Rwanda

On November 13th 2016 the BBC News website published a report titled “Quieten calls to prayer in Israel – Netanyahu” (discussed here) in which a draft bill proposing to limit the use of loudspeakers by religious institutions was described as “unnecessarily divisive” and readers were told that: 534 more words


A Government Crisis in Israel

Can Israelis Endure This Crisis?

The Palestinians certainly hope not.

While continuing his incessant rhetoric and relentless campaign through the United Nations (of which the Palestinians are not even a member) to denigrate and delegitimize Israel—the only democratic state in the entire Middle East—Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is ecstatic over the turmoil within the Knesset, the seat of Israeli government. 5,346 more words

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