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Druze anger sparks deadly attack on Israeli ambulance

NABI SHUAIB SHRINE, Israel (AP) — An unprecedented attack by a mob of Israeli Druze villagers who snatched a wounded Syrian rebel from an Israeli ambulance in the Golan Heights and beat him to death reflects the spiraling anger among the Jewish state’s Druze minority, which has been pushing for the government to do more to help the Syrian Druze caught up in the neighboring country’s civil war. 926 more words

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Knesset approves Kahlon's tax increases on apartments for investment

By Niv Elis

The Knesset on Monday approved Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon’s plan to increase taxes on apartments, a move intended to steer existing apartments out of the rental market and onto the sales market. 377 more words

Beit Shemesh

İsrail Parlementosu Knesset’i ilk defa Kadın ve Arap bir milletvekili yönetecek

Birleşik Arap Listesi’nden meclise giren Aida Touma-Suliman, Knesset’in Kadın Konuları Komisyonu’nun başkanlığına seçildi. İlk defa Arap partisinden bir kadın bir komisyon başkanlığına hak kazanmış oldu. Daha önce İşçi Partisi’nden Arap milletvekili Raleb Majadel komisyon başkanlığı yapmıştı. 167 more words


Israel's Likud Sees Itself as The Anti-ISIS Party of Israel

The Islamic State has captured land totaling more than 20 times the size of Israel using a strategy of scaring people into surrender with public decapitations. 354 more words

Yesterday I was informed that I am not a resident of Israel

by Jordana Brown
June 9, 2015

Yesterday I was informed that I am not a resident of Israel, as I previously believed. Six Supreme Court Justices from the United States informed me that, 106 more words

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This week on Wizardof.il FB- June 8th

This week, the “drizzle” of rocket fire continued in the south. Israelis are worried that we may have a repeat of last summer. And in the meantime, life goes on. 1,249 more words

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Monday, May 18

In the morning we attended a talk given by Avraham Infeld. Born in South Africa, he moved to Israel and has been a very influential proponent of Israel and Judaism. 588 more words