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Weekend Perspective: The Future of the Zionist Union Faction and the Labor Party – A look back at January 2011

To understand what is happening to the Labor Party today one must understand what happened in January 2011. On January 17, 2011, Defense Minister and Labor Party Leader Ehud Barak announced that he was splitting the party and forming the new Independence Faction along with senior Labor members such as Matan Vilnai and Shalom Simhon. 2,293 more words


Why is this man sitting in the Knesset?

For all that we complain about the perfidy of the British, we have a lot to learn from them when it comes to tolerating antisemitism in the ranks of their politicians. 872 more words

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Weekend Perspective: The undecided factors of the next election

I’ve stressed this so many times before. When we ask in today’s polls “What party would you vote for if the election was today?” – It is a misleading question. 672 more words


Weekend Perspective: What is a party without a leader? A look at what could happen if the current 10 Knesset Faction leaders are replaced

Israel was built on the multi-party system. Throughout most of the 20th century Israelis voted for parties over leaders and ideas over people. The mainstream observation of how Israeli politics has changed in the 21st century is the movement of voters to choose leaders over parties and people over ideas. 1,214 more words


Suspension Law Passes: Libertarians Now Banned from Knesset

The “חוק ההשעיה” or “Suspension Law” has passed a first reading on the Knesset floor today. It means that any Knesset member who does not support the existence of the State of Israel as a “Jewish and Democratic State” can be suspended from the Knesset and ultimately expelled. 207 more words

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Weekend Perspective: The Future of Moshe Kahlon and the “Centrist” Kulanu Party

One of those cardinal rules in western world politics is if you want to win an election to lead your country you must win the center. 2,054 more words


Weekend Perspective: What we learned from the Panels Poll, 2 key anniversary dates in 2016 and 2 dates for 2019

This week marked two anniversaries for Prime Minister Netanyahu. Sunday marked his 10th year in office as Prime Minister and Thursday marked a year since the most recent Knesset election that most polls and pundits said he would lose. 2,010 more words