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Was BBC News presentation of a new Israeli law balanced and accurate?

On July 20th an article appeared on the BBC News website under the title “Israeli parliament passes controversial impeachment law“.

The article included a brief portrayal of the new law which is its ostensible subject matter: 734 more words


US State Department's perfidy undermining Israeli sovereignty

I often write about “perfidious Albion”, referring to the hypocrisy and two-faced bias of Britain against Israel. But in the last few years under the Obama Administration, it is America, or more precisely the… 1,560 more words

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KnessetJeremy is going on Vacation

KnessetJeremy is going on vacation.
Posts will resume after July 15th.


Weekend Perspective: Netanyahu’s Five Potential Successors

After winning four terms, the last three straight, the question of who will replace Netanyahu has become a routine conversation topic in the corridors of power. 4,079 more words


Khalid Al Islambuly – Eksekutor Anwar Sadat

Sejarah Islam mengabadikan bahwa Mesir adalah sebuah negeri yang melahirkan Fir’aun. Sebuah nama yang diabadikan Allah untuk mewakili manusia yang mengaku dirinya sebagai Tuhan. Fir’aun yang terlahir di negeri ini ternyata tidak hanya di zaman nabi Musa ‘alaihissalam saja, namun sampai detik inipun Fira’un-Fir’aun baru masih bercokol di pucuk pimpinan Mesir. 692 more words


Weekend Perspective: The Myth of the Anti-Netanyahu Scenario Polls

The media loves “what if” polls a lot more than polls that measure public opinion of the current parties. It is understandable because they probably sell a lot more papers, increase the traffic on their sites, and boost television and radio ratings that way. 1,377 more words