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Birmingham TV actor turns film maker to highlight knife crime

Quietly spoken Theo Johnson is making a big noise about knife culture in his short film Knife Crime, which airs this month as part of Birmingham’s  834 more words

Birmingham News & Features

Knife crime causes concern in London again, several people are charged

It seems that rarely a week passes in London at the moment without there being a report of a stabbing or shooting involving young people. Gangs, drugs, turf wars and postcode territorial disputes are often blamed and carrying a knife for ‘self-defence’ seems to be endemic. 287 more words

Gangland Review

The discussion about the misrepresentation of black youth.

Channel 5 recently showcased a two-part documentary giving viewers a rare insight into street gangs in London. The documentary followed the stories of various troubled black teenagers actively involved in criminal activities whilst openly flaunting weapons (knives). 1,681 more words

Gang warfare in Blackfriars

The problem of gang crime and youth violence frequently dominates the modern news agenda, especially in London where there have been around 18 reported homicides related to gangs… 397 more words

Girls, Guns and Gangs

Girls, guns and gangs, the three things that make young men wanna gangbang.

It seems to me that in his-story that the main mystery is the ‘thuggery’ that messes with the psyche-ology of these young prodigies. 329 more words

Moped gang carries out spate of knife robberies in Park Hill

There are increasing concern about a spate of armed robberies committed by what has been described as a “moped gang” against residents and visitors in the Park Hill area. 331 more words

Croydon Central

Weapons in school: Still a problem for Aberdeenshire

Aberdeenshire has been found to have one of the highest rates of exclusions in Scotland relating to the involvement in weapon assaults in schools

An STV report… 370 more words

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