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Final poster design

After the last presentation I have mad a few minor changes to the poster, the first being the change in font for the word ‘permanently’. I changed it to league spartan, the same font as the Cut it Out logo. 231 more words

Subject LVL 6

Campaign Update

This was the poster I used in my presentation today which is part of the animation which is the main part of the Cut it Out campaign. 432 more words

Subject LVL 6

Updated Animation

This is my updated version of my animation. It is slightly different from my previous attempt but I feel has made some great progress. It is visually striking and engaging but yet is still without sound etc as it is not 100% complete yet. 130 more words

Subject LVL 6

New and Updated Poster

So this is my most recent design for the poster part of the Cut it out campaign which will then be formed into an animation and then a flick book. 122 more words

Subject LVL 6

Consultation On Knife Crime: December 2017

This is a rather boring post (not much about actual sword related training or fun); however it is quite important.

The UK government is consulting… 464 more words


New Quote and Style

This is my new quote that I will be using for my poster and animation. It is related to a real life case in mid 2017, from Peckham. 74 more words

Subject LVL 6

Typographic Posters

Following the feedback from my presentation I have been researching existing typographic posters, specifically ones that are ripping and changing fonts over. I feel if I include something like the examples I have shown in this post in my final designs, they will be much stronger, engaging and less obvious pieces of work. 191 more words

Subject LVL 6