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Knife Fight

How can three people divide a cake so that none feels that another has a larger piece than his own? The Selfridge–Conway procedure, devised by mathematicians John Selfridge and John Horton Conway, will solve the problem in at most 5 cuts; it’s been called “one of the prettiest in the subject of cake cutting.” 343 more words


Defeating Oscar De La Hoya For A Championship Belt

This was a long interesting and detailed transitioning dream that kept transitioning to different things without me noticing, unfortunately this caused me to forget a lot of the dream because too much was going on and it was so long and detailed, and so what I do remember does not do this dream justice because it was an interesting dream compared to what I will share below. 2,243 more words

Dream Journal

Zakynthos Knife Fight

In a fun turn of events, Expedia has actually written me back to let me know they’ve refunded the 60€ to my account! Bless their little souls. 835 more words


(but her!) knife fight 

Just as he raised his knife she shifted onto her side. He nearly laughed out loud! Could it be any simpler?

Open Slowly, Away From Face


Our experience of Medellin was truly a tale of two cities.

Expecting a big, unruly city, we hopped off our night bus from the north, onto the metro all the way down to the El Poblado District…and it was beautiful, pretty is probably a more accurate description. 870 more words


Escape into Monica Ramos' illustrations

Monica Ramos is an illustrator born in Manila in the Philippines and who now lives in New York – having graduated from Parsons, the New School for Design. 400 more words


Former Sex Siren Star 'Santonio Johnson' Got Arrested  

Santonio Johnson is in jail for an alleged beat down/ stabbing. This story is still developing but rumors has it Johnson got into a fight with model King Darryl Anthony. 36 more words