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Card of the Day - Knight of Wands - Friday, September 18, 2015

Be careful of miscommunication today. Your words and those of others can be misconstrued and thought to be opposite of what was intended. Trickster Mercury went retrograde yesterday and it is wise to be cautious in all forms of communication. 251 more words


Weekly Tarot Combination for Sept. 14-20: Knight of Wands and 9 of Swords

There’s a viral posting somewhere on Tumblr that says something like, “Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes.” That is my immediate reaction upon seeing this combination. 612 more words


September 8th 2015

The main issue- The 8 of Pentacles

Crossing the situation- The 2 of Wands

Influences from yesterday-The Page of Wands

Issues carried forward- The Knight of Wands… 110 more words


Literary Lenormand: Tad Williams' The Dirty Streets of Heaven

Time for more literary Lenormand! This time we’re looking at Tad Williams’ The Dirty Streets of Heaven. I am currently on page 27 of this book; I laid out a Lenormand spread for the book last night before starting to read it, and then did a tarot horseshoe spread just now as well, just because it’s fun to play with cards! 675 more words

Queen Of Cups

Dipping my toes into the cold and dark waters...

So to start we are going to go back in time to when my journey with the tarot first began. Take yourself back a couple of months to late March 2015… 331 more words


September 3rd 2015

The main issue- The Knight of Wands

Crossing the situation- The 5 of Cups

Influences from yesterday-The 10 of Pentacles

Issues carried forward- The 10 of Cups… 169 more words


Daily Draw: Knight of Wands (Daeg) & Page of Cups (Mengloth)

Today’s draw is about what to do and what not to do, what to actively engage and what to turn away from. Actively engage your gorgeous, weird, fabulously alien self because that’s what you’re here to do. 105 more words