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Knight Resurrected: Knight Rider Reboot 30 Years Later

No article today, just a quick self-serving blurb.

I just posted Knight: Resurrected to The Black List. I rather enjoyed this one, the story of a teenager who unwittingly rescues a long-lost artificially intelligent supercar.   45 more words

Knight Rider 2008 TV Series

I am reviewing the 2008 TV series Knight Rider which is excellent. This series follows on from the original series 25 years later with Justin Bruening playing Michael Knight’s played by David Hasselhoff originally son. 190 more words

Science Fiction

Plagiatsvorwürfe gegen neue Google Watch durch Fondation for Law and Government

SA-TIERE. Seit wenigen Tagen wissen die Apple-Jünger, welche Uhr sie sich als nächsten unbedingt kaufen müssen – die Apple Watch. Nun strebt aber eine Firma mit dem Namen Fondation für Recht und Verfassung (engl. 446 more words


"Knight Rider" CPLD Demo Project

This entry is a post to myself as to how I did this project. It’s of very limited value to anyone else unless you happen to WANT to drive a bunch of LEDs with a CPLD. 265 more words