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The Nukes Of Hazardous

I once tried my hand at writing a comic book, or “graphic novel” if you prefer, though with the stick figures I used for the people it wasn’t very graphic.   269 more words


Sound & Motion Pictures: TV shows nostalgia 3

Here’s my third foray down memory lane, it’s time for the glam eighties! There are so many TV shows from that decade that I watched and liked but the following are the ones I consider most iconic. 179 more words

Odds And Ends

The Original KITT From 'Knight Rider' Is Hitting The Auction Block


  • Are you a fan of the 1980s television series Knight Rider?
  • Do you enjoy collecting TV memorabilia and/or cars and/or things David Hasselhoff’s butt has been in or on?
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Kung Fury (2015)

CulturePunk Superstar’s view?  A must-see deranged love letter to 80s US action.

Dir: David Sandberg

2015, Sweden

Dur: 30 minutes

Prods: Laser Unicorn / Lampray / Salmon Fox. 561 more words

TV And Film Reviews

KNIGHT RIDER: Sometimes it's hard to watch TV you loved when you were 8.

With me getting all nostalgic about my times in the 80s, I tend to forget about how bad television actually was.  I mean, I had a great love for all the characters on the shows I watched, because at the time they were pretty righteous.   689 more words

Fuck 'n Right

Chris Pratt Talks His Future With Marvel, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters and the Other Million Projects He's Been Linked To

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

We all knew Chris Pratt was funny when he was playing Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation. Then he went and became an action star when he played Peter Quill, a.k.a. 570 more words


KITT from Knight Rider in Dubai, we drive it

I drove KITT – I am Knight Rider! Not!

Still, please read my words, see my pictures and watch my video here: KITT from Knight Rider in Dubai, we drive it.