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Knight Part 15


Did you hear, he was the only one to come back alive from his mission. They say he was covered in the enemy’s blood but didn’t have a scratch on him. 95 more words


Knight Part 14

Is this your first mission?

Yes sir.

It might be too much for a kid like you to handle-

I’m not a kid.

In my eyes you have yet to grow up. 143 more words


Knight Part 13

Cold. It’s cold here. Cold and dark.

I still can’t see anything and I’ve been walking for what seems like hours.

Earlier I had no sense of heat. 30 more words


Some more WIP (Knight 1)


I want to share some pics of my first Knight (WIP).

Only so much litte gold dots need to be painted. Then the mask, and one weapon arm. 61 more words


‘Cosby Show’ star Keshia Knight Pulliam welcomes a baby girl

share tweet pin email Rudy Huxtable is a mom! For those who grew up watching Keshia Knight Pulliam on “The Cosby Show,” she’ll always be that little girl with a big personality….


Traits Every Knight Should Have: #1 Meekness 

Meekness: “The fact or condition of being meek; submissiveness.”

Being meek is often looked down upon as being week or easily beaten but in actuality it is being able to control your self under pressure and remain compliant or tolerant of a situation. 116 more words

Life Lessons

Knight Part 12

What do you mean you’re leaving?

I’m going to pursue my dream.

And leave me?

I have to.

You don’t have to leave. You can stay here and- 117 more words