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Knight in Shining Armor

Every princess needs her prince. I’m imagining a golden boy from a neighboring land who has come to court the princess and future queen. Males are much harder for me to draw, the proportions don’t make that much sense to me. 21 more words



Certain: (adj) known for sure; established beyond doubt.

Punctuated by a smirk and a chin tilted to the heavens, certainty is one of the great human vices which loves to be touted as a virtue. 172 more words

B Words

Book 2 Chapter 14

Thirteen games, as many defeats, Sir Harding shook his head as he came to terms with his recent streak of ill fortune. “So you are not an illusion, and have in fact been practicing.” He had muttered mostly to himself, not really considering the other might have heard him. 950 more words

Last Order Of Knights

Medieval Monday ~ Lane McFarland

Welcome to Arduinna’s Forest, gods and goddesses. For today’s episode of #MedievalMonday, I’m thrilled to have Lane McFarland as my special guest. LaneĀ is a southern girl living on top of a mountain in North Georgia, and she’s most happy when surrounded by family and friends. 267 more words
Medieval Monday


A bumblebee floats through a field of flowers,
his sword with no sheath on his back.
He is always ready to fight for his hive… 39 more words

A Chivalrous Knight?

Hey, guys! I just wanted to share with you an anecdote that I came up with set in a fantasy world.

A little background: I wrote this in preparation for a Short Story Writing assignment (one of my classes). 181 more words

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