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Chapter 24 Savage.

“You can’t be serious! Have you lost your bloody mind?!” The reactions were nearly unanimous, and yet Mordred found he simply disagreed with them, the fact was that Sir Bodwin was entirely reasonable, yes he was not in his most current uniform, and yes he had faced a horde of enemies on his own,both things that a man like Bodwin could not consider sane, he knew this because he knew Bodwin, he had watched the man’s career with a matter of interest, quickly rising through the ranks,entirely focused on status and duty, strictly adhering to protocols, and the letter of the law, more so than the spirit thereof. 994 more words

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Celestial Knight

Heya people.

Like I promised, there were some exciting things happening (for me that is). Today my order at Kabuki Studio was delivered. A week ago, I ordered their Celestial Knight miniature which, as some of you may already know, represents the God-Emperor of Mankind. 456 more words


Battleship Knight

And now more of Knight and Pirate replacing technology with people! I really do wonder how much a cannon ball would hurt if it were the size the stick-people use. 56 more words


Aurora (裁縫ギルド長スティッチア)

「悔しいじゃない 奪われたままで終わるなんて。」
Aurora, 1 nữ kị sĩ nổi danh với tốc độ nhanh chóng mặt. Những người nghe lời đồn “Có 1 kị sĩ tuy chích nhãn (chỉ có 1 mắt) nhưng lại cực kì mạnh” khi lần đầu diện kiến cô đều tỏ ra rất ngạc nhiên. 42 more words