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Signs of Spring

Ah, spring. That lovely time of year with warm sunshine, gentle breezes, blooming flowers…and bees. Let’s not talk about the bees. 12 more words


Prince Ashley and the Magical Crystal Quest - Prologue

Epic battles, dark magic, and dank dungeons await in Prince Ashley and the Magical Crystal Quest, a swashbuckling fairy tale about a young prince’s quest to reclaim the throne and save his kingdom from darkness by battling an evil wizard and his skeleton army. 33 more words


A heart to save

Today, I am suffering the anxiety of a broken heart. Sounds extreme, but it’s the truth.

However, despite all of these that are happening to me, I still have a match of optimism left in me. 153 more words


We need more humans!

Recently I got two portfolio reviews and the verdict was that there were too few humans.  True, true. Due to my work on the Ferret story, which is a complete anthropomorphic animal story, I tend to neglect human beings a bit. 22 more words



Ever had that one friend who can’t get into the action of the moment? That’s Knight. If it’s not really important to her, she doesn’t really care. 23 more words


The Princess Blind

The Eiffel Tower officially opened on this day in 1889. Planted firmly in the city of lights, one is amazed that love can be so very blind. 278 more words