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Sad Reality

Short is short. Tall is tall. Words are words. Pirate and Knight are both kids, so getting apples can be hard work. (But they get a lot of leg room on airplanes.) 7 more words


Ceridwen’s Harrowing

She had plenty of reasons to feel weary and she felt each of them like a keen ache. Like a needle nested in a place hard to reach. 3,859 more words

Dark Fantasy

‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Movie in Works at Warner Bros. as Lawsuit Ends

A movie based on the widely popular game “Dungeons & Dragons” is in the works at Warner Bros., the studio announced Monday, 10 months after a trial over who owned the rights to the fantasy game ended. 225 more words


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   In an era where things things that were once taken lightly are now treated with respect, and everything is done on an epic scale, this should be pretty good. I never played the game, although I wanted to, nor did I read the books. I did play some of the video games and enjoyed them immensely. I also happened to like the movie they put out. It was good for what it was on a cult film level.

   Will this be a "Can't Miss Flicker" or a "Meh, I'll wait for it on NetFlix"? We shall see. After a few minutes of thought, the above image is what we may see with the current prevailing winds in Hollywood, at the moment. I am OK with that.

Modern Day Knight

Most days I can expect

The door to be held for me

Little signs of respect

Mostly in plain view

Today I am reminded

Of signs of respect… 15 more words


Awkward Parties

I feel like Pirate’s the life of the party while Knight’s a bit socially awkward. Smart, but awkward. Then again, I have problems talking to turtles too.


Royal Knight

Through the night
Oh royal Knight
On your steed
of a most

Honorable breed
With your  33 more words

Austin Jones

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colourful images
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For commercial use pls Make sure reading the license of this photo file… 26 more words