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Membership List of The Knights of Malta

Published on Oct 19, 2013
Eric Prince from Blackwater (Bloodwater) is a Knight of Malta see how everything falls in its place ? Henry Kissinger Knight of malta , George Soros Knight of malta , Rudolph Guiliani Knight of Malta , George J Tenet Knight of Malta , H.W.Bush Knight of Malta , Prescot Junior Bush Knight of Malta , Amschel Meier de Rothschild Knight of malta , David Rockefeller Knight of malta , William Casey (CIA) Knight of Malta , Rick Santorum Knight of Malta , Queen Elizabeth II , Nelson Mandela even people like Bruce Willis and Robert de Niro are Knights !! 127 more words

Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite – Part 1 Inventory of Who is Who and What is What?


So by “Illuminati:, I mean the 300 or so First Class members or Knights of Justice of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, or “Sovereign Military Knights of Malta” for short; and the 800 or so Second Class members or Knights and Dames of Honor, or Grace in Devotion and Obedience; and the 12,000 or so Third Class members of Knights and Dames and others of various categories; and finally those few hundred thousand members of orders, fraternities and bodies whose leaders are recognized as Third Class members.

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The Knights of Malta Have the Same Requirements as Swarthmore College

On page 270 of Aldous Huxley’s The Devils of Loudun, there appears this paragraph:

“At Lyon, which they reached fourteen days after their departure from Paris, they were visited by the Archbishop, Cardinal Alphonse de Richelieu, the Prime Minister’s elder brother.   645 more words


John Guandolo - Knights of Malta and the Peruvian Hospital Ship

A retired United States Marine Corps officer and FBI special agent, John Guandolo applies his skills in counterterrorism and national security as the vice president of strategic planning for Strategic Engagement Group. 188 more words

John Guandolo

Do the Jesuits represent The biblical Jesus or oppose Him?

I humbly ask those who believe themselves Followers of the Biblical Jesus to consider what the Catholic Church and Popes believe, and their character, nature, and purpose. 5,017 more words


The knight on the plane

Last week I was flying with Air Malta, the airline operator of the Mediterranean islands with the same name.

Malta has a rich and colorful history. 110 more words