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The Diggers come looking for the Ark of St. Croix

Sandstone Maltese Cross.

While in Virginia on vacation, I got to see a program staring Ringmaster Tim Saylor and King George Wyant, also known as Ringy and KG, of the Anaconda Treasure Company. 1,641 more words

Religious Secret Societies, Murder & the Last Crusade with Geoffrey Gilson

How religious secret societies and secret clandestine organizations–from the Knights of Lazarus and Knights of Malta, to the CIA and Israeli intelligence–have conspired to murder make Holy War in the Middle East is discussed with author Geoffrey Gilson. 133 more words


A Monk's Chronical -- 24 August MMXV -- Bargains Made with God

Bargains Made with God

The readings for last Thursday’s Mass were a preacher’s nightmare.  In the first, from the Book of Judges chapter 1, Jephthah vowed to sacrifice to God the first person he might see leaving his house, if God would grant him victory over the Ammonites.   1,273 more words

What's Your Poison? Taking Another Look At Alcohol

Why do you think alcohol has been so heavily promoted and is always the thing to do when you “go out?”  This may make you think twice about alcohol again.  With Quotes by Michael Tsarion.


Chief Justice Roberts and Knights of Malta

I’ve written and posted articles about CFR, Jesuits, Illuminati and their Satanic agenda but there is something very important that I didn’t put enough notice to. 232 more words


Monastic Orders - part 4: the military orders

Monastic military orders are inevitably associated with the crusades of the eleventh and twelfth centuries.  There were a number of European orders but the two most closely associated with the British isles are the Knights Hospitaller or to give them their full title the Knights of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem.   452 more words