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Cosmopolitan Clerkenwell - new walk

We fell in love with Clerkenwell whilst researching our Dickens tour, and decided we should offer a walk here that isn’t just for lovers of Bill Sikes et al. 131 more words

'This Cursed Rock' - The game that takes you back to an age where a man's religion was a matter of life and death...

In 1522 Malta was a barren rock with little to recommend it.

As the exiled Knights of St John arrived after having been driven out of Rhodes by Suleiman the Magnificent and his Moslem Army, they must have been dispirited by their new surroundings. 213 more words

Jerusalem Revisited


The visit to Israel of friends from abroad provided us with the opportunity to walk through the Old City of Jerusalem and show them just a few of the tourist attractions in which that relatively small area abounds. 799 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

I read somewhere that Malta was the last place in Europe to be cleared up after the war and I recall that Valletta was a little untidy but this seemed to add to its charm as we walked along Republic Street, stopping more often than I would normally choose to step inside the tourist shops, darting down narrow alleys and investigating hidden corners and emerging by the waterside and walking around the Grand Harbour in the shade of the sandstone coloured fortifications of the Knights.

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