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10 Archaeological Wonders of Malta

The Maltese Islands, floating in the deep sapphire waters of the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily, are a treasure-trove of history. Over the 3 islands—Malta, Gozo, and Comino—lies a wealth of prehistoric ruins, cathedrals, palaces, catacombs, ancient temples and more to make the history buff squeal with delight. 695 more words


Malta: Knights' Treasure

FROM my restaurant terrace, I can look out over Grand Harbour towards the fortifications of Valletta. Intimidating even now, in the age of aerial assault and cruise missiles, the massive walls must have seemed impregnable when they were first built. 2,489 more words


When Islam Nearly Conquered All

The Great Siege of Malta 1565 by Ernle Bradford (1961)

Heidi sent me a copy of this book. It made for gripping reading.

In 1565 the Ottoman Empire, under Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, was the strongest single military force in all the world. 418 more words

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Entrance Tickets, The Red Tower at Mellieha, Malta

The Red Tower, or to give it its proper name St Agatha’s Tower, is a large imposing watchtower in Mellieħa,  the sixth and most important of a coastal defence system of fortifications and small castles built by the Knights of St John during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. 680 more words


Monday in Malta

“Valletta equals in its noble architecture, if it does not excel, any capital in Europe. The city is one of the most beautiful, for its architecture and the splendour of its streets that I know: something between Venice and Cadiz.”   6 more words


Passport Blues

My travel plan was to leave on October 27th for Malta and Sicily and return the same year, on November 27th. My passport expired on January 15th the next year, but it had to be valid until January 27th, three months following my departure date of October 27th   for the passport to be valid for my trip. 1,499 more words

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