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Çok sukur.

Owing to the fact that I’m in Northern Cyprus as I write this, I’ve dubbed the scarf I’m knitting, the Turkish travelling scarf. It’s quite apt as its character is very akin to that of the typical Turkish Cypriot. 476 more words

Knit newborn sweater

Hello everybody!

How are you all doing? Lets make this post an official announcement, a major life update that I’m soon going to be a mum. 92 more words


Just call me Kermit.

I have a couple of qualms with Wool and The Gang. Qualms I haven’t fully even rationalised internally, so I won’t be sharing here. I will say two things though: 442 more words

Work-in-Progress Wednesday (and Top 5 Missed WIP's)

HI! It’s me. I’m stilllll here. You know, the stay-at-home mama/ etsy-preneur and sometimes-blogger? Yeah, that’s me. Sometimes-blogger. Since I pretty much ran out of my small stock of items in my Etsy shop, and constantly had custom order requests, my fingers were pretty tied up in string, hooks and needles for a few months. 580 more words


Finished. Object. WHUTT WHUUUTTT!?

Make that 3 WIP’s on the go. Owlie mitts? Check, check and check!

I’d forgotten what it was like (due to the epic, ongoing, nature of all my recent projects), to finish an object in an afternoon. 210 more words

WIP delusions.

I just nearly had a panic about my WIPs. Not for the normal “oh, my god, I’ve cast on too many, not enough time, what have I donnne…” reason. 303 more words

Weekend WIP's.

Well, firstly, this is what your colour work will look like when your significant other comes home drunk and decides that one of your WIP’s will be a good pillow to sleep on… … 184 more words