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What to Start Next ...

The countdown has begun to the start of the summer trip … Thoughts turn to what to pack – yarn, of course!  lol

Whenever I go on a trip, any trip, short or long, my brain thinks that I will have all that time to relax and start on a new project.   244 more words

Colouring With Yarn

More Yarn Guilt ...

As you may have seen from the Facebook page, I sort of went on a crafty break after the 5-panel woven blanket.  That seemed to have used up my creating and crocheting/knitting energy.   224 more words

Colouring With Yarn

2017 Special Olympics Scarf Project

A mid-summer update … and reminder …

I, myself, have not been able to do anything for this project yet.  There’s so many things going on, it’s the middle of summer, and it’s easy to lull yourself into thinking that there’s lots of time after summer to work on this.   80 more words

Colouring With Yarn

Knit baby boots

Hello! I fell in love with these cookie style boots the moment I saw them and made one for my little bubby. At that time I only had four ply yarn in hand and the pattern called for a chunkier wool. 62 more words


Çok sukur.

Owing to the fact that I’m in Northern Cyprus as I write this, I’ve dubbed the scarf I’m knitting, the Turkish travelling scarf. It’s quite apt as its character is very akin to that of the typical Turkish Cypriot. 476 more words

Knit newborn sweater

Hello everybody!

How are you all doing? Lets make this post an official announcement, a major life update that I’m soon going to be a mum. 92 more words


Just call me Kermit.

I have a couple of qualms with Wool and The Gang. Qualms I haven’t fully even rationalised internally, so I won’t be sharing here. I will say two things though: 442 more words