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Tiny Roar

One of last month’s FO was my second test knit and I’m happy to say the pattern was released this week on Ravelry!!  So, I thought I would talk a little about the project and I hope you all will go check it out! 238 more words


Day Seven: My Time, My Space

The final prompt for blog week was to describe where/when you take time to create. Where do you knit and crochet, and when is the best time. 443 more words


Day Six: Reader Survey

Today’s post is all about surveys. Please don’t groan. I thought this would be the perfect time to learn about you, what you want for the blog, and to see how I’m doing. 76 more words

Wooly Mastadon

Day Five: A Bit Different

Today’s prompt is to create a post in a different format other than the normal word + picture posts. Can you tell it stumped me a little, haha.  64 more words

Wooly Mastadon

Day Four: What's in My Knitting Bag

Today’s prompt is to share what I keep in my knitting/crochet bag. I have actually wanted to do a post like this for a while, and do one every so often so that you can see what has changed over time. 935 more words

Wooly Mastadon

Day Three: WIP Photos

So, today’s prompt was all about taking creative and slightly different from your normal project photos. As you have probably noticed on this blog, I tend to take photos on a white background with only the FO or WIP in the frame. 138 more words

Wooly Mastadon

Day Two: All About Me...Sort Of

Today’s prompt is an interesting one as it states to share something about yourself other than the crafting. As I do often change things up and share tidbits about myself here often, I thought I’d take a slightly different angle on this and share something specific. 548 more words