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Crochet Elephant

This past Thursday night I was trying to find something to watch on TV to pass time. Sitting there like a potato, I thought to myself why not find an easy, quick pattern on Pinterest and make something with yarn leftover from various projects. 626 more words

Hayfield Blossom Chunky yarn Review

Hey there! So I thought I would try something a little different with this blog post; instead of writing about one of my latest creations I thought I’d start reviewing some of the yarns that I love to use (I do use a lot!) and share the yarn love right here! 311 more words

Kids Fashion

Alpaca Shawl

Today I am sharing one of my knit projects from the past: a shawl I made as a gift for my mother using alpaca yarn. This project was really neat because my mom purchased the yarn from a woman in her deep water class after learning of her small alpaca farm. 379 more words

Quick granny square Baby Blanket

As you may already know from following me on Instagram or reading my blog posts I am an advocate of anything quick; be it a quick nap, cuppa or project. 290 more words

Knit And Crochet

Cat Hats

My sister gifted me this great book, Cats in Hats by Sara Thomas (available here via Amazon).

This book is so much fun. Unfortunately, my cats are not exactly of the docile type (they do not love the cat hats as much as I do). 310 more words

Embracing your comfort blanket

As a child, I never wanted or needed a comfort blanket or stuffed animal to keep me safe from any perceived harm. Not judging: At least one of my siblings needed the warm touch of an outside object to migrate through infancy to childhood. 474 more words

Good Luck Charm

Snorlax Amigurumi

I feel like its easier to find motivation for knit/crochet projects in the winter, when snuggled up inside with a nice hot beverage. I haven’t started any exciting projects recently, so I’ll be posting about some of the neat projects I have worked on in the past year or two. 372 more words