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Brighton Knitting Circle - More Men Knitting

Please note we no longer run the Brighton Knitting Circle but do keep an eye out for workshops & events in Brighton and London. Thanks for all the lovely times x… 81 more words

Knitting Brighton

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IMG_1499 Check out what's happening down at Brighton Arts Club, knitting every fortnight!


Chunky Yarn! Surely not!

I’ve been stitching to tell you all – in my ongoing conquest to delve into knitting objects of use (or not so much use) from around the home, I have started to knit delicious covers for my gadgets. 125 more words

Arts And Crafts

Going Potty

Potty for Pots!

I’ve recently been exploring various everyday objects. Much to my amusement, these have yielded a number of simple, self-designed knitting ideas.  Knitting with chunky yarns is brilliant fun; it allows for super quick results, and thus lends itself perfectly to any project where the outcome is either needed quickly, or in this case is perhaps a little uncertain or experimental. 310 more words

Arts And Crafts

The Knit List

Inspired by a recent burst of creativity, I have decided to take up the age old skill of knitting.  Of course, this immediately spawned comments from friends such as; 669 more words


Cheryl's To Do List

I started this project two years ago. The front is completely finished and the back is about half way there.  I usually get bored with projects at the 3/4 mark, mostly because I… 54 more words


It goes to 11

Random knitterly things:

1. Why do you knit?

It keeps me from the drink. Ok, that’s not true, but it does keep me out of more mobile trouble. 375 more words

Zombie Prom Date Knitters