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The Enderis Park Pullover: My Pattern Inspiration and Giveaway

It is always exciting to have a pattern idea become reality. The idea for the Enderis Park Pullover started as a sketch about 2 years ago, and sat in a binder until the right design call and the right time came. 268 more words

OMG - Yarn Dyeing Updates


Flying Fibers is a shop with a fun name, a huge selection, a great location, and a knowledgeable and kind staff.  When my daughter and I walked in the doors I had to stand motionless at the entryway for a few moments just to take in all the beauty and cleanliness of the shop. 268 more words


ROOMY - a new pattern and a free download code

I got another pattern published today. That means you all get cheated out of a real blog post. You have to make do with a re-hash of stuff I wrote up for the pattern, pictures you can find over on ravelry, and something else… Oh yeah. 239 more words


Picking a Pattern for Handspun Yarn

My polwarth spinning project is progressing. I have a few finished skeins to show off and, while I’m not done with the spinning, I’m far enough along that… 787 more words


Some Trickery and a Code for a Free Download

Don’t you just love a good fake out? I do. And I love to make things that appear far more complex than the really are. 400 more words


Five Awesome And Free Teapot Cozy Patterns

I have a naked teapot. I meant to get around to making her a sweater this winter but it didn’t happen. She is still naked. 450 more words


Knit Halter Top | Easy Pattern

Knitting garments to wear is not as hard as it looks! I’m starting with a really simple top – I created mine to fit my body type and cover my entire torso, however, you can adjust this pattern to create any type of top you want including a crop top or a long, flowing tank. 604 more words

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