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Why doesn’t a knitting pattern for this already exist? It seems obvious to me. But when I went searching for just a basic knit tank pattern, I didn’t really find anything I loved. 126 more words


Coffee and Cream Knit Shawl

Shawls and wraps are a great accessory for any outfit. You can wear them during any season depending on the yarn thickness and what stitches you use. 342 more words

Free Patterns

Boople Snoot and Danger Noodle

I love snakes.  I don’t have a snake because we are a “We only have room for one reptile!” house and Charmander the Bearded Rage Beast currently fills that spot.   1,438 more words


Knit bunny beanie - free pattern 

Hello peeps,

As I was typing the title of this post, I couldn’t help but gleam in satisfaction, for a number of reasons. One, I finally came up with a pattern for a knit beanie, although my contribution is little. 458 more words


Hello from Maine

Hello all you lovely dinosaurs! It’s been quite a busy two weeks over in Heather-land.

I’ve been busy with the day job and other studies that I enjoy/must do for my day job. 205 more words


Yoga Socks

With every new year comes resolutions and I seem to make at least one similar resolution every year. Last year I resolved to listen to more… 387 more words