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March Temperature Scarf Update

I was on vacation for the first part of March when it was generally mild. See that patch of dark blue (cold) temperature? That’s when I got home. 21 more words


February Temperature Scarf

When I decided to knit this scarf, we were in the midst of a cold snap at the end of December. I “knew” that we could generally count on similar weather at some point in February, so the scarf would have a good variety of colour. 68 more words


Easy Knitted Scarf

I love knitted scarves in the winter–there’s something comforting about having a bundle of cozy softness around you to help keep you warm! We had a little break in our chilly winter weather for about a week, but now it’s cold again, and my knitted scarves will once again come in handy! 213 more words


Weave and Spin

I was intrigued by Lion Brand’s Jumbo Alpaca as soon as I saw it. It comes in a hank of 62 yards. It’s gigantic and soft and kind of bizarre looking and I like things that are a little weird. 275 more words


Make a Statement

I knew I wanted to knit this scarf the moment I saw the yarn. The texture and color and idea all made perfect sense together. Jumbo Alpaca is so soft you can pretty much curl up in it and be happy and sleepy and comfortable forever. 130 more words


Old Old Shale Scarf

I was cleaning up my Ravelry projects (as I do every January despite resolutions to finish project pages when projects are finished) and realized that I hadn’t closed my… 206 more words


Change of Pace with this Loopy Scarf

Who remembers novelty yarn? Not all that long ago, eyelash yarn may have single handedly rejuvenated the knitting industry. Why was that?

Knitting is centuries old, but for the vast majority of that time it was a necessity. 549 more words

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