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Linen Stitch Cowl Finished

Can you tell I’m posting from my iPhone? :D I don’t have access to my computer right now so I’m posting raw material lol

I finished the… 68 more words


Caitlin McCormack: String skeletons

Caitlin McCormack creates crocheted animals that appear to decay in front of your eyes, delicate corpses crafted from cotton string and glue. To produce each of her sculptures she must stiffen the string which produces a consistency similar to the bone tissue of the animals she is recreating. 78 more words


Experimental Ear Flap Baby Hat

I just finished knitting a baby hat with ear flaps using self striping sock yarn. It is adapted from an adult size pattern with a few minor modifications. 162 more words


The 32 days of January

No, that’s not a typo in the title. As I mentioned in my last post, I signed up for a 365 block-a-day quilt.  The designer of which offered two blocks for the first of January, one for the beginners and one for the more advanced.   128 more words


Are Abortion Activists Going to Boycott Doritos?

Hey TD!

Commercials airing during the Super Bowl are traditionally a big deal in America.  This is when advertisers often unveil their most provocative, funniest, cutest, most tasteless, biggest baddest commercials.   234 more words

You know you're a knitting mom of toddlers when...

…your pattern has been creatively “enhanced” before you even start knitting it lol :D

To his credit (my 3-year-old), this does look like a “20”, “6”, and a “7” lol :D


Frogging and Illegal Burning

This always happens to me when I’m working on a pullover or a sweater! It’s so frustrating.  The yards of yarn that seem to crawl under your laboring fingers – instead of flying! 435 more words

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