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“What? You sewed it?” - My first knit shirt

I wasn’t planning to sew with knit. I was very happy with woven fabrics. But then a friend brought me her moms’ leftovers. It included about 2 yards of viscose knit with small flowers. 197 more words


Kids books with knitting! 

In addition to enjoying knitting, I am very fortunate that Little One loves to read. She and I both get pretty excited when we find new books that include a little knitting or any fibre themes. 183 more words

Passing Along.

Dear [New Knitter]:

There are a few things that I would like to say to you concerning the craft of knitting. First off, you are about to become exposed to an elite group of persons who spend their free time lurking… 500 more words


Chaining forever

There’s just 1.5 rows left on the Ondine shawl, but it’s sloooooow. So many chain-6’s. The last row is a picot edge, and that’s not going to go very fast, either. But, only 1.5 rows to go!

Knitting & Crochet

My Daughter's Secret Sample Stash

Alex has a “Sample Stash”.  She has been saving all her samples from her yarn adventures since she started crocheting, so at least for the last 15 years.   127 more words


Work clothes sewing

What a terrible picture! Skirt is View C New Look 6843. It’s made from a linen blend I bought from Fabric Mart. It’s lined with a polyester lining type fabric in cream. 294 more words


Three Socks To Make a Pair 

I have been working on these socks off and on again for some time now. Socks really shouldn’t take this long, but here we are. The smaller sock is all done and I am hopeful it will fit. 97 more words