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Unravelling - The How and When

Hopefully you’ve all had a little time to come to terms with the news in the last post :-( Thank you for all your kind thoughts and words. 183 more words




I’ve been trying to write this post for many hours, days in fact and I’m still struggling with finding the right words , so maybe I should just come straight out and say it, then explain? 564 more words


Not Sure How I Missed This?

I did sit down to write a very different blog post this morning, but whilst checking my emails, Facebook messages, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, etc.  I spotted something on Ravelry that I’m surprised I haven’t noticed before and as it appeals to me, I don’t doubt some of you will also find it handy. 700 more words


Farewell April and Hello May

Once a month I recap on projects I have made during the past month and post ideas of what I want to attempt in the next! 302 more words

As Mad As A March Hare, Round Ere Anyway

😷 It’s fair to say I’m still feeling blooming awful, my nose 👃  has turned into a leaky tap, which refuses to stop and I have all the energy of a sloth.   477 more words


It's Christmas

Last night the knitting group decended on the Pepperstack Bistro for our Christmas get together.  I think it’s obvious that good fun was had by all in attendance and we all left full to the brim.   127 more words