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Hello Again

Life has been crazy. Work has ramped up and I’m finding myself with little time. Well, I thought I was too busy, until I realized how much crafting I’ve been squeezing in. 71 more words


Meatballs, Salmon, and Olive oil bread

Hello all! I feel like I have such a back log of recipes to share, like three posts worth! I wish I could just type them up now and post them but I just don’t have the time with a little girl being a handful. 1,060 more words


Yarn, yarn, and some more yarn

My Knitpicks order came! I ordered quite a bit more than I expected too in order to reach the $50 free shipping.

By far, way nicer yarn than I have used in a while. 261 more words


Sweet Madness

Round 4 started off with a bang!  Usually, we get a kind of warning message and some time to gather our thoughts and tools before the pattern arrives.   320 more words

Your stitch markers may be the problem

I did it. I officially cast on more than just one project in so long that I couldn’t tell you without looking through old blog post to find out myself. 275 more words


If you blink

you’ll miss it. My friends and I agree time is moving at an alarmingly fast pace. We all know how time can easily slip away from us and being that it’s something you can’t store up it’s rational to be choosy in what you do with it. 177 more words


Hot glue a DPN case in 20

One felt square and 3/4 yard of ribbon make a sturdier (and cuter) case for your double-pointed needles than the plastic package in which they came to you. 230 more words