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What goes into designing knits

I often say I suffer from “design brain.”  This is when my brain gets bombarded with design ideas and the only solution is to cast on…which makes for a crazy case of “startitis.” 320 more words

Winter Style Needs

We had so much feedback from our last post “Being a Sports Mum”  and we also had plenty of readers asking what do we think are the key winter pieces needed to pull those looks together. 186 more words

Daily Style

WIP Wednesday: Now With More Procrastination

Ack! I know I said I’d block the shawl right away. I intended to block it right when I hit publish but something shiny caught my eye and off I went. 201 more words


When Real Life Gets In The Way

I have not updated in a bit, but worse than admitting that, is admitting that my knitting has suffered due to my overbooked schedule.

I am currently performing in one show while rehearsing another, and while I can get a few rows in here and there during rehearsal, my mind will wander and I will somehow add stitches, drop stitches, and other general fuckery. 85 more words


Sheep, Alpacas, and Wool... Oh, My!

Hey y’all!

So, I’ve been lagging a bit in the knitting world. A close friend of mine has been crashing at my place for the past week or so, and I haven’t had much time for my usual hobbies… 471 more words


Baby essentials

With only about thirty days left with this pregnancy (say what?!) it was time to get some much needed basics completed. First up was a wool mattress for the bedside cosleeper. 339 more words

6 Warm Things I Wish I Could Afford This Winter

It’s May (duh) which means it’s getting colder in Melbourne. Since it doesn’t really snow here, we don’t have to wear bulky, goose-down, vinyl coats and UGG boots to stay warm and dry. 107 more words