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Mini capsule for mom: Shirt #1

This year, I sewed my mom three tops/tunics for Christmas. I spent a lot of time choosing styles that would flatter her figure. She has an extremely high waist, so the below waist volume of her body is much greater than above the waist, even though the circumferences are comparable. 203 more words


Snow Day

Today is a bit of a snow day in the GTA, they’re calling for 10cm of snow and it hasn’t stopped snowing since I woke up this morning. 222 more words


Opus Daily Practice - day 10

Opus Daily Practice day 10. The theme was “folk”. “Folk” isn’t far from a lot of the work I create. Today’s work is an “in progress” 2″x3.5″ ink drawing, and an ear flap style toque knit of naturally dyed wool.

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Fibre And Art

Knit fabrics and forgiving fibers

Knit fabrics can be a very forgiving fabric to sew with.  The degree of stretch (how much the fabric can be pulled out and recover from) make fitting a garment to your individual shape a bit easier. 836 more words


Is It a Fabric Yip?

Back in the day, yip was the term for a mental hang-up experienced by sports pros and amateurs. Accomplished golfers who suddenly couldn’t swing or their swing suddenly went wonky being the main use. 345 more words

Posts No One Will Read

Cats wearing bowties! Now that I've got your attention...

When I slowly began to get back into sewing garments after my last relapse, loose-fitting tees were at the top of my list. Luckily, I’d had the… 1,131 more words


Fern - A girls peplum cardigan

I absolutely love the classic look of a circle skirt peplum.  It provides just enough sophistication to make any outfit appear more than just thrown together, even for a little one, but realistically, they’re one of the easiest things to sew. 476 more words