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A weekend ramble

We’re trying to make it a habit to get out of the house for a wander around the area every weekend.  While not a hard thing for me, the young boy can take some persuasion to shut down the tablet and get his head out of the matrix for a while.   311 more words



Beware the fearsome Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus!  One of the most fearsome of all the dragons in the book series “How to Train Your Dragon… 668 more words


Treebeard and Poppy socks and the Social Wool Fair

So overjoyed was I at being able to have a week of regular hours that I completed these socks in exactly one week.

Pattern:  Treebeard… 622 more words


Three bags full, Wonders of Wool

It was a most wonderful day yesterday.  The market was packed, the purchases fast and furious, and many, many crinkly paper bags full of wool went walking out the door, carried by very happy owners. 1,436 more words


Jan + Feb = 8?

My Ravelry projects list tells me I have just completed my eighth pair of socks for 2014.

These are the very, very pretty Cadence socks… 674 more words



When I read of others knitting Valentine socks for February, I was at first enthusiastic to do the same, and then embarrassed for myself.  I mean, I do not have a Valentine, why would I knit Valentine socks for a day that has no meaning for me? 333 more words


The Droplet Socks

It’s funny what inspires us to design.

In winter, I spend a few minutes most mornings wiping away the condensation that has collected on the inside of my windows overnight. 433 more words