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Jan's hats

Jan knits beautiful hats. This week she had brought along two classic cream ones with cable stitches which would finish off any winter outfit nicely and look good with a cream scarf. 52 more words


Hilary's hats

Hilary brought in two more of her hats to share this week. The green long tail beret really created a lot of conversations. It was the colours and then the design. 116 more words


Jan's hats

Jan makes good hats. Meryl was having fun modelling the long tail beanies and when she wrapped the tail around her neck it completely lost its Wee Willy Winkie character and became a very flattering hat for a cold day. 75 more words


Exploding Pom Poms!

When I blogged yesterday and said I was concern whether Shelia would like the hat I made her as part of her stitching Santa, I failed to tell you I had another concern I about it. 235 more words


My Simple Hat

Read on to see who gets this hat!

I received a colorful and fun pom pom from Marta of Little Noodlewebs fame. And finally found yarn that was awesome enough to bring out all the colors in it! 206 more words


WIPs on a Wednesday

I just finished racing to mow the lawn and as I quickly filled up the bird feeders, I glanced West and I could see a bank of clouds, my friends. 1,008 more words


I’ve been busy making pumpkin hats for the Grandchildren. Fall is here and a pumpkin hat fits the season nicely.