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Robbie Reeves Williams

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The Most Important Hat

Knitting for toddlers can be tricky business. Last year, I knit my son Reed his second hat (the first was knit before he was born), and it wasn’t too warmly received. 276 more words


Knitting with Incredible Adorability

Knitting Wednesday night, we resumed work on our current projects: shawl (Ethel), dog (Rachel), and hat (me), and doggone it, I forgot to get a picture and explanation of what Lois is making. 339 more words


More Garter Stitch Ear Flap Haps

There is nothing in life like close friends–the kind you can call when everything has gone wrong and it was probably all your fault…but they don’t judge and make you feel better anyway just by listening…almost as if they have reached through the phone and handed you a mojito. 420 more words


In the Meantime, More Hats

We needed to put off Knitting as a confab this week, due to a sick, radioactive cat (and his household staff wasn’t feeling so great either). 302 more words


No Nap, What???

When you have an infant, they sleep all time. Scrath that. They sleep all the time during the day. Nights are another story.

Then, Year 1 passes and three naps turns to two naps…And then, suddenly, you are down to one mid-day nap. 329 more words


It's Raining Hats and Dogs at Knitting

I wish it was raining; we could use a little wash-up for this highly pollinated environment! March has arrived in Central Florida and every outdoor surface in the neighborhood is covered in yellow powder. 378 more words