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Knitting to 'frog'et

What a horrific week! Last weekend we took our dog into the vet hospital (after a week of appointments at our usual vet and one over night stay) as he looked like he was on his last legs. 407 more words

Knitted Toys

My knitting journey so far...

Ok, here it goes.. my first post! My knitting journey started about 20 years ago when my grandma, who was a great knitter, tried to teach me how to knit. 372 more words


Knitted gnomes

During a long period of dental troubles I sat and knitted a Waldorf inspired gnome mother and baby.

The Elephant in the Room

Just finished this guy!

This is probably the biggest knitting project I’ve finished to date, and I’m so happy with the way it turned out. I’ve already got 4 requests from friends and family – we’ll see when I get to them (if ever).


Knitted Creatures

The countdown is on – we’re moving in two weeks and we couldn’t be more excited (or more stressed). You’d think that I would be spending my time packing and going through things, doing all that I can to avoid that last minute rush, but instead I’ve been spending all my free time curled up on the couch binge watching Netflix (Friday Night Lights – how am I just finding you now?) and knitting. 301 more words


Knit Ned Hanlan

The real Ned

Ned Hanlan was a Canadian rower who won many championships and was well known for his technique and blue jersey. His nickname was “the boy in blue”. 214 more words


Tiny teddy pocket hug

My eldest son has got his A levels this May, and all being well, he’ll be off to University in September. I decided to make him a little mascot for good luck, and being the very gentlemanly young man he is, he was very grateful and said he would keep it in his bag for luck! 54 more words