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Catching Up & Looking Ahead

As you may have noticed, this week has been about catching up. I’ve been woefully behind in sharing finished projects since — eek! — the beginning of the year. 904 more words


Kunye & The Uncertainty Principle of Beads

I have been remiss. I finished my Kunye shawl exactly 2months ago and it has been dry on the blocking mats for a good long… oh, I don’t know… 3weeks probably. 935 more words


Embracing My Inner Grandma

Back in January I decided I needed to pick up a new hobby. I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit, don’t ask me why, so I drove over to my local Joann’s Fabrics and picked up some yarn and a set of knitting needles with my best friend and spent the night learning to knit from Youtube videos. 286 more words


Don't Mind Me, I was on Safari

As a family, we are often on-the-go, but it’s not the average on-the-go stuff. We hike and climb and camp and swim. On vacations we are much more likely to stay in a tent or rustic cabin than a hotel, but we do try to mix it up now and then so the kids get to have a wide variety of experiences. 622 more words


It's amazing what a good pair of knitting needles can do

Since I lost most of my original knitting stuff through smoke damage after the house next door had a massive fire, I decided that when I replace all my things I would replace them with the things I always wanted. 346 more words


The One With The Introductions

Hello! Welcome to my blog and first post!

My name is Louise, but I imagine most of you know me as louisepants. I thought I’d make my first post an introduction to all things me! 404 more words


Heavy-Duty, Efficient, and Beautiful

Shortly after we moved into our house a bit over a decade ago, my husband and I were driving along through town when we noticed an estate sale. 1,309 more words