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YOP - Year 6 week 5

This week I’ve been working steadily away on this new design. It’s been the main item to be worked on all week.

I have also worked on my… 390 more words


Today I'm Making... socks for my bloke

This last week I’ve been on a knitting retreat at the ever excellent Westcliffe Knitting Hotel in Blackpool (really you must go if you can, its fantastic). 428 more words


Mostly Knitting

All the work we did earlier this month in preparation for hitting the road again on Tuesday is paying off now with a bit of time for other things. 255 more words


Thrifty Knitting

I love yarn and I love shopping, but seeing as I’m not working at the moment, I’m on a serious budget. I also might already have a decent amount of yarn. 831 more words


The Summer of Unexpected Events

This summer has been marked by a number of unexpected events. A particularly momentous one was this week’s delivery of three monster zucchini that may have crossed with other squash in the vicinity: 7.25 kg / nearly 16 lbs. 594 more words


2016 Goals - July Update

My OMG goal for July is to finish Moon Glow.  I finished quilting this this month and I’m working on binding it.  OMG goal accomplished for July! 688 more words


Unisex Knitting

I sat down to write a different post today, but suddenly realised I had yet to share this make with you and I really do love it. 680 more words