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FO On Saturday

I finished the last few rows of the Easy Goes It shawl yesterday but then I didn’t get a photo until late so it really isn’t very good. 124 more words


Spring/Summer 2018 Knit Wish List

What would you knit this Spring/Summer if you had all the time in the world, AND could knit like the wind…? These are some of the knits I’ve been dying to do this season… 134 more words


Henry and Mudge Leggings

And also a knitting update because there isn’t much to say about the leggings but I’m excited about the knitting. But first, the leggings…

Right before Kids Clothes Week, V came to me telling me that I needed to get her lace up black shoes and make her blue pants and a striped T-shirt for that Friday. 577 more words


Mother’s Day Cast On

In addition to a nice Mother’s Day celebration, Jellybean and the Hubby gave me a little breathing space to knit!

I had pulled my skein of KnitCircus Trampoline in the Needle in a Haystack impressionist gradient from my stash. 174 more words


Wishful Thinking

Yesterday I started the last section of the shawl. I had great hope that I would finish it but alas it did not happen. It’s probably just as well since I plan to knit a couple of extra rows in an effort to use up all the yarn. 81 more words


New Cast On...& New Needles...

…not once, but twice, Dear James got me some new needles.

  • This could get exciting;-) He’s so good to me;-)

In the meantime, I’m playing “Are we there yet?” with the sock pattern, and hoping for the best for making two pair so large…I just may cast on a second sock shortly…but that will take some work and another gift finished and marked off the books before that happens. 506 more words