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Free Knitting Patterns!

Well, it’s official, the Etsy shop is closed. Actually more on permanent vacation mode, but the point is that for now I won’t be selling any items or patterns through Etsy. 234 more words


Knitting Diaries - one skein down

I’ve been trundling along with my knitting, but there hasn’t really been much to update on. I mean I know we’re all pretty geeky, but ‘Done a few rows'; ‘Yep, some more rows'; ‘Would you believe it, I did a few more’ – would probably have gotten old pretty quick. 179 more words


Little Bunny Cushion

I promised you a free pattern and here it is!  It’s not exactly what I thought it would be when I started out, but sometimes designs have a mind of their own.   780 more words


How to work lace on the wrong side of your knitting

In my latest design, ’Sandy’ the lace pattern is worked on both sides of the piece. This can sound intimidating, but working lace on the purl side is really quite easy, promise :) I shot photo tutorials for the pattern to help folks navigate the lace. 284 more words


As Mad As A March Hare, Round Ere Anyway

😷 It’s fair to say I’m still feeling blooming awful, my nose 👃  has turned into a leaky tap, which refuses to stop and I have all the energy of a sloth.   478 more words



This is my Sylvine cardigan. I knit it up in Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage in the saffron colorway and I absolutely loved the yoke detail with the chevron lace. 192 more words


Conquering SSS

Onward and upward!

This is the second sock of my is on the needles! Jellybean took a good 3 hour nap this past weekend and I knit the toe increases (twice actually because I had a dropped stitch make a huge whole). 64 more words