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Army of knitters

A while ago I challenged those of you who knit or crochet to knit for the babies in neo-natal units in your local hospitals. I hope you got your knit on! 86 more words

Impromptu Knitting 10k - Update #3

Over halfway!!!

After knitting for more than 3 hours, I’m pleased to say I reached my goal of running through the first skein of Shelter for my Little Wave cardi. 40 more words


Impromptu Knitting 10k - Update #2

Over 2 hours in!

And would you believe I’ve already finished my vest?  Good, I didn’t think so! Boy an hour seems like so much time, but when you start knitting away, all of a sudden 60 minutes are gone and it just doesn’t look like much has happened :-)  Well, all knitters know the enjoyment is in the journey; after all if I wanted a sweater to wear tonight, I would be at the mall shopping!!! 95 more words


Impromptu Knitting 10k - Update #1

First water break!

One hour in and there’s progress but not as much as I’d hoped.  It took a bit to get settled and in the groove, I think I’ll see more significant gains this next hour… 44 more words


My Impromptu Knitting 10k

is about to begin!

Yesterday evening, I realized I was going to have a full day available with no obligations other than to make progress on a couple of knitting projects. 92 more words


Fresh Beginnings

My garden doesn’t look like this (yet). But this explosion of spring-y goodness seems to be popping up like little floral treasure chests wherever I look around town. 165 more words


Monthly Knitting Challenge - February

Click here to see the first post about the Monthly Knitting Challenge

February’s knitting challenge category is “poncho”.  I made a poncho many years ago while working at a yarn store in Portland, but I have never made one for myself. 63 more words

Khaki And Chrome