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Hiring Designers: Helpful Tips for Indie Yarn Companies

The Tuesday Tips series by staff writer Hannah Thiessen

One of the biggest challenges any new yarn company faces is the issue of patterns, or rather, pattern support. 1,513 more words

Knitting Design

Projects with parts

Something else I’ve discovered in my “hey let’s take a pause on churning out granny squares from now until the end of time” crafting phase, is that, hey, you know what? 316 more words


End of the shawl aversion?

There has always been something that’s puzzled me about knitters/Ravelry…the insane predilection they seem to have for knitting shawls.

I have never worn a shawl. I don’t know many people who do. 198 more words


Bringing Rates Into the Light

One thing is clear: freelance knitwear designers are in the dark about the going rate for a design and how our pay stacks up against fellow designers. 119 more words

Knitting Design

Spring progress

I’m enjoying the pleasant sense of accomplishment of being closer to the finish line on my granny square afghan project (at least on the squares, even if the borders will still take a bit more effort), but have had to remind myself to put them aside for a few days lest my shoulder and wrists completely revolt against me. 273 more words


Keep showing up

This weekend I discovered the darnedest thing. It turns out when you devote consistent time and effort to a new project…

…knitting happens. I am always amazed to rediscover this truth. 32 more words


Back in the saddle

I’ve kept myself busy with the yarn this past winter, but one downside of pursuing the big epic projects is that it does start to eat into project time that might otherwise be spent working on something else. 182 more words