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When The Munchkin Needs a Sweater Dress, I Knit Her a Sweater Dress

It’s always a bit emotional getting out the winter clothes. A lot of growing goes on in the summer and inevitably someone will have grown out of her favorite sweater and be forced to pass it down to her younger sister. 260 more words


Little Miss Charming

As soon as the sweater I knit for my son started to take shape, my daughter began asking when she’d get a new sweater. I knew it wasn’t exactly necessary in the name of fairness since I’ve knit a few sweaters for her already over the last couple years and I haven’t made him one since he was a baby. 531 more words


Every Beautiful Knit Starts with an Idea

The Princess perused sweater patterns on Ravelry for hours before finally landing on one she liked. But she didn’t really like it. That is, she liked a part of it. 345 more words


A Guston for My Boy

I think it’s safe to say there is no person in this world that appreciates my knitting more than my son. I’m not sure how much of it is because he loves me and how much of it is because he loves what I make, but whatever the case I just love to knit for him. 900 more words


Dear Child, Thank You For Not Growing While I Struggled With This Knit

“Mama, when are you going to finish my sweater?” the Dancing Queen asked me a couple of weeks ago.

I felt a sinking in my heart. 550 more words


A little knitwear here and there 

Still me,

I’ve spent today with some needles in my hands trying to make a dress for Blythe and here it is.

Warning: I’m pretty much the worst knitter ever, and I have thought myself so in still learning! 9 more words

Sneak Peek

” f ¬†” is for Finnegan,

and also for ” fall ” .

. . . and ” e ” is for Eleanor.

but also for ” equinox “. 113 more words

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