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handy knitting app

If you are new to knitting or like a bit of help…

This is an awesome app!

This how-to is a great go-to when you need a reminder or are completely clueless.   7 more words

Knitting Help

A new old knitting help site

A friend of mine has been running a knitting site with tons of knitting instructions and lots of knitting videos since 2011 and needed to expand the site to meet the needs of the million-plus visitors now coming to her site. 186 more words

Smashlee does the UK (and other cool stuff)

This summer has been quite exciting so far! I’ve managed to go a trip of a lifetime to the UK ( something I’ve wanted to do since I was 4 and YES, it was amazing as I dreamt it would be). 515 more words


The Droid You Are Looking for and More Socks

I made this little guy for a professor who was injured in a car accident. There are so many R2D2 crochet patterns out there, but I was really happy with this one from… 145 more words


Cheeky Chevron Blanket update

Ah I am falling for this blanket. Despite it’s last-section wobble (and I have followed the pattern to the letter so I’m not going to take responsibility for the Wonk, even if it is my fault. 88 more words


How to put in a life-line..........*sigh*

I really don’t want to be writing this post. “How to save your knitting from being frogged (ripped back) to the casting-on stage of a gazillion stitches stage when you realise you’ve made a terrible mistake” is what it should say. 320 more words


Newbie Knitters - Unite!

In recent years (yes, years – I’d say “a year” but I’d be lying through my teeth. It’s been 4) I have, on several frustrating, swear-ridden, storm-tempered occasions,  picked up those two pointy sticks – formerly “of doom” classification – only to fail, twist, drop, knot, yell, frog, scream, you name it, until I took my toddler-approved, hissy-fitted items and thrown yarn, needles and… 644 more words

Hand Dyed Yarn