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Sharing the Knitting Love

There’s been a huge gap in my blog posts! Well, I wasn’t THAT consistent in the first place, but that’s besides the point. When I wrote the previous post on brioche knitting I actually designed the pattern for my new job – Knitting Instructor at… 576 more words

Knitting Help

Baffled by Brioche?

There are some patterns in knitting that we all drool over and think “Ooooh, I can’t wait to try that!” Then we read the pattern and it makes no sense. 565 more words

Free Pattern


As a textile designer I need to know a lot about techniques, styles and also some math. Traditionally much of my work has been weaving. Nowadays with SKEINO this has changed and now I’m almost always knitting. 565 more words

So excited......

They say that every cloud has a silver lining, this weekend is proof positive that some good can be found in every situation. Having planned a leisurely walk along the Jurassic coastline this bank holiday weekend I was none too pleased to look out the window on Saturday morning to a murky sky that threatened to pour down with rain. 182 more words

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Two Little Dresses

Sometimes inspiration hits when I see a pattern and sometimes when I see yarn. About 3 months ago I came across some beautiful cotton/acrylic mix and knew I had to make a dress for a little girl. 540 more words

Free Pattern

How does that stitch go? Top Video Sites

Knitting requires a plethora of patterns and being able to read and picture how they go. I am a very visual person, so when I read how a pattern goes and can’t picture it in my mind I have to see it being done. 331 more words

Knitting Help

Upon Further Reflection...

A sick day is a good day to reflect on knitting and organizing and other types of goals.  I’ve been in and out of bed all day today, feeling like crap. 280 more words