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"Knitting is great again" hat on sheep

My friend’s updated knitting help site is rolling along fine. Open for two days now and only a few minor problems to correct.

Starting to get some knitting forum members. 22 more words

New Knitting Help site

After six years as simple-knitting.com it is now mysimplekntting.com with lots more knitting help, knitting patterns, knitting instructions, a knitting forum, lots of knitting videos, a chance to win a $25.00 gift certificate for your knitting supplies or yarn, and lots more. 107 more words

The new/old knitting help site, part two

Sometime this week the old knitting site will open as the new knitting site filled with knitting help, knitting patterns, how to knit guides and other great knitting information just like the old site only more at the new mysimpleknitting.com. 67 more words

A new old knitting help site

A friend of mine has been running a knitting site with tons of knitting instructions and lots of knitting videos since 2011 and needed to expand the site to meet the needs of the million-plus visitors now coming to her site. 186 more words

Smashlee does the UK (and other cool stuff)

This summer has been quite exciting so far! I’ve managed to go a trip of a lifetime to the UK ( something I’ve wanted to do since I was 4 and YES, it was amazing as I dreamt it would be). 515 more words