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A Bousta Beanie for a Big Head

Big heads make hats difficult. Well, they make buying ready to wear hats difficult anyway. With the biggest head in my family, hand knitted hats have been the only solution for years and I’ve actually got a great collection thanks to the London Knitter.  745 more words


Casting a Circle

How do you like to knit in the round?  I have now tried using the double pointed needles method, Magic Loop Method, and the basic circular needle method.   917 more words


Blanket Policy

I have learnt from experience there are a few things a knitter should take into account when making things for babies.

  1. They grow really, really fast.
  2. 650 more words

Knit: hat take2

A while back, I tried making a hat. This Easter weekend, I got to finish it. In the process, I learned how to reduce and end a hat; and how to transfer knitting from working on ‘circular needles’ with a cable between the left and right needle, to four double-pointed needles.   399 more words


Hermione's Everyday Socks (a.k.a. total brilliance)

Socks have always scared me. I’ve thought a lot about making them. I’ve saved 15 patterns to my Ravelry queue. I’ve admired (and joyfully worn) the beauties made by others. 857 more words


Magic Loop Success and Vintage Sizing

As previously mentioned I have 2 cardigans on my list of upcoming planned projects.  
After successfully casting on and knitting several inches on Emily’s Favourite Sock… 202 more words

Knits Etc

The Weasley Jumper

A Weasley Jumper – for those of you who don’t know – is a jumper hand/magic-knitted by the witch, mother and all around hero, Molly Weasley, in the Harry Potter books. 765 more words