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Ten Rows This Week...

I knit ten rows this week, or was it fifteen. Never mind, I explained math in my English paper. The paper is finally done and I’ve learned to love and hate plagiarism checkers. 263 more words


Two Rows At A Time, Once Again...

A little over two years ago, when I taught preschool, I got a twenty-five minute break during the day, usually during nap-time. I was working on the pink rose ribs pattern I planned to wear with my shirts and favorite jackets for sub-teaching. 611 more words


TIP TIME! That flippin' yarn tail too long or too short?

Having trouble pulling off the right amount of yarn to start your long tail cast-on?

A general guideline for projects on sizes 6-10 needles is to pull out an inch of yarn from the skein for every stitch you plan to cast on, plus a few inches more for good measure, then to make your slip knot at that point and begin. 578 more words

Oh, My...What A Week!

Phew! And it’s not over yet…Hang onto your hats ladies and gents, it’s gonna be a whirlwind.

Perhaps this was taken Sunday…before the laundromat trip… 2,219 more words


Yarn Bombs and Progress...

I think.

The yarn bomb…it started off so nice and pretty.

It’s so pretty…no, pretty doesn’t give you a right to tangle if someone looks at you cross-eyed–even if you really want to or you think they deserved it. 419 more words


I simply did not have the patience to wait for cooler weather. I was gifted this wonderful, I guess you would call it novelty yarn and I was eager to see and feel it knitted up. 175 more words