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Knitting in the round...

…for the first time.

I like it! I’m a little sad I found the idea intimidating and avoided it for so long. Here’s hoping this makes a cute rib tank and we can step it up with more projects.

Craft In Progress

Finals Are Done! Knitting...Well, more next week...

Four rows this week…understandable, considering, well, final exams. Nothing too hard, but nothing too easy, either…only a cumulative essay and a test over the last book I barely finished, a strong desire to read and knit for pleasure and a portfolio to finish for a class in which the final exam consists of meeting for food–and since none of us are certain of our standing…50% of our grade is our final portfolio, we all showed up, ate food and listened to a story–a fascinating story. 350 more words


6 Rows This Week...

I knit 6 rows this week. Yes, you can likely count them if I photograph this up-close.

Here it is, in all it’s glory, six rows…Finals are coming(which is almost scarier than winter is coming…I think) 28 more words


Week of Short Progress

Okay guys, it has been a crazy week. I knit five entire rows this week.+

I took a second job and I have a quilt retreat I leave for tomorrow. 85 more words


Pattern testers wanted!

Peekaboo! I’m all done!

The Noughts and Crosses Mittens pattern is all done and I’m ready for testers! Yay!

Would you like to test this pattern? 280 more words


Magical magic loop

I thought I would write up a quick explanation of how to knit using the magic loop method. This lets you knit smaller circumference projects like socks, gloves or mittens in the round without using double pointed needles (dpns). 229 more words



So I’m making this scarf for k. I’m completely in love with how beautiful it’s coming to be. He’s a sports guy and so I’m following a pattern called hawk on that I found but I picked different colors. 72 more words