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Deleting mattress stitch as we speak...

For it being National Crochet Month, I’ve been doing a lot of knitting. But, as I wrapped up the last few steps of one knitting project, I decided to give slip-stitch crochet a shot for seaming the two sleeves. 15 more words

Craft In Progress

What Small Needles You Have

Between working on my current book and another writing project, practicing cello, trying to do my language studies and cooking, cleaning, living life I am sewing and knitting. 118 more words


I’ve over the past few months had a desire to test knit. Unfortunately, never having done it before I ran into the endless delimma of needing prior experience to test but can’t gain said experience until I do. 135 more words


Tedious Things in the Lives of Crafters #17: Losing Your Notes

Show your work. First rule and best rule of anything you do. If you’re going to modify, you have to take notes. It’s one thing to rely on your judgement of what’s going to look good or work best versus what the pattern says to do if the piece you’re making is a one-off. 174 more words

Craft In Progress

My Lila Winter

I am so proud to say this is off the needles and I LOVE IT. I have worn this non-stop since I finished it Saturday. 140 more words

Knitting Projects

malabrigo march: halfway done!

It’s been pretty quiet on here (again), but I have a really good excuse (again).  Malabrigo March comes every time this year – or “Mal March” – which is a magical time of knitting only with Malabrigo-brand yarn.   566 more words



Where to being, by that  I mean there isn’t really a beginning to my tales today. One is my current knitting project, which is progressing beautiful and feels super yummy (oh happy days) and the other is in relation to my back/shoulder/neck/arm pain (which is non-fibro related). 401 more words