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2016 Resolutions: Update

Time for an update, I have been quite busy…

Fitness:  I met my 1500 mile fitbit goal early and earned the 1600 mile Great Barrier Reef badge on August 1st, I am quickly working on the next 250 miles now with a date of August 26th as the goal date. 363 more words


More determined than patient

This continued state of lack of knitting drive surges on. I think in one fail swoop I’ve managed to satisfy my beaded knitting craving and drop all projects that could have been done ages ago. 315 more words


A Sea Of Yarn

Photo: Pinterest

I have never knitted a day in my life. Yet I have always had respect for those who can create things with their hands. 487 more words


Yarn Shopping at the Beach

Hey Everyone!

Earlier in the week (Sunday and Monday) I was at the beach, crashing my Best Friend’s family vacay for the night. Well I didn’t exactly crash it, as I was invited and I have become a part of the family (what’s one more girl when my friend’s mom has 5, not to mention I am friends with most of them anyway). 107 more words


Lollipop Rain Hat

You know when you spend a lot of time pouring over other peoples gorgeous projects on Ravelry or Instagram and you find yourself thinking “I wish I could do that.” That’s what I have found myself doing recently at any rate and the projects that really seem to be catching my eye are those involving colourwork. 706 more words

Kaiya Mei Hat

Le Petit Pont Scarf

Hey Everyone!

Over the weekend I completed the Le Petit Pont scarf I had been working on. The pattern is by Irish Girlie Knits, and can be downloaded from Ravelry for a small fee. 218 more words