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I don't want to

Since October and my illness things have been off for me. Blogging has been gleefully pushed aside. I have things to report but honestly have had no desire to do so. 308 more words


Around and Around

I go, where my first stitch is nobody knows! But only sometimes.

This week was fall break and as such I took it upon myself to knit as much as humanly possible and whenever I could. 490 more words


Knitting with Jane

I recently joined this online knitting & crocheting committee: RAVELRY. I was surprised, though I shouldn’t have been, that some of the “groups” are JANE AUSTEN fans! 85 more words


Simple Projects with Easy Stitches

As a beginner, everything feels out of reach. Even though I’ve knit my own boot cuffs and still working on that blanket (yarn can get pricey when you have to buy a lot of it), I still feel as though the world of knitting is out of my reach. 437 more words


A not-done-in-time-for-winter-like-i-thought-it-would-be scarf

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone and that the holidays are almost upon us (O_o) I am so not ready for Christmas. Nor for Thanksgiving either, especially as we are actually having family over for it for the first time since we’ve been married! 435 more words


Starting something new

*edited to fix a whole lot of misspelled words.

The past two years I have shown the most growth in my crafting. Counting an actual two year period in November 2013 I picked up spinning for the first time. 431 more words


Back to square one...

Amount of time it took me to knit the back of a pullover pattern completely wrong: 6.5 days

Amount of time it took me to unravel the end result into four separate balls of wool (three different colors and weights): 35 minutes. 6 more words

Craft In Progress