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And Then There Was This Cop

When I was younger I think I concentrated more than I do now. Not that I didn’t daydream and follow the rabbit down the path, but I focused more…I think. 256 more words

It's a Bead thing!!!!

Yes, I know this isn’t knitting, but…………. it did start with my knitted purses.  I fell in love with the beads. Who knew????

Because these beaded purses were made for gifts, I wanted to create a pair of earrings to make the picture complete- that’s when I discovered needle tatting.  257 more words

Summer is finally here!

Hello all,

I’m sorry for the gap in posts, I got so busy with school and applications that I didn’t have time to stop, sit down, and write. 220 more words


Hello there my friends, how are you? I hope you’ve had a good weekend. I haven’t done much this weekend to be honest! We’ve had a really busy few weeks and T’s job is intense at the moment, so we decided to make absolutely zero plans and just see what we felt like doing on Saturday and Sunday. 100 more words

Sunday Night Feeling

Knitting in the round...

…for the first time.

I like it! I’m a little sad I found the idea intimidating and avoided it for so long. Here’s hoping this makes a cute rib tank and we can step it up with more projects.

Craft In Progress

When and why I modify

A recent blogger asked on a post whether or not her readers modified their handmade patterns during the process of making them. A good point was made about the overall reasoning behind making our clothing in the first place. 143 more words



can be an overwhelming experience when you although anticipating such an endeavour are dizzy from the speed of which it occurs.

A little under two weeks ago I showed you guys three different fiber types. 379 more words